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Any Drum N' bass recommendations?

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Hello Headfier's. 


Im looking for More music on this genre, i already know Prodigy, and Pendulum. Anyone of you know a good drum n'  bass band? 

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Start with Noisia and Spor.

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Calibre, Ed Rush & Optical, Break, LTJ Bukem, Peshay

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Breakage, Amit, Dom & Roland, Klute, Limewax and when you're feeling crazy, Venetian Snares and Xanopticon.


Prodigy is more breakbeat than DnB, though the two genres are very closely related (one of the early names of jungle music was 'hardcore breakbeats').

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Originally Posted by desktophifi View Post

Anyone of you know a good drum n'  bass band? 




The best DNB album of all times? I think so, and many other ppl do too: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0024QT0YK/

 this album is a straight banger, from start to finish. Probably the best dark D&B album in the last 10 years.


The competition is far far away..

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I have to 2nt Ed Rush and Optical Travel the Galaxy, it is my benchmark DnB album and pushes the genre to the limit!

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Photek - Modus Operandi

Pretty much the only Drum n' bass I liked,  pretty dark though


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So far my favorite DnB song:



I'd recommend giving a listen to Bachelors Of Science, High Contrast and Nu Tune.

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What about Deadsilence? They have good songs. 

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Originally Posted by earerror View Post

What about Deadsilence? They have good songs. 

yeah.  i'd pick dead silence over drum n' bass any day.

i keed.  i keed. 

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Check out Black Sun Empire and State of Mind for trancey dnb.

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masters at work! always nice to hear how their music has evolved to reach the pinnacle of "travel the galaxy". WIIIIIIKED BASS LINES


can it get any more classic than that? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOrKiEqTcio


that's the crime weapon:


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Sub Focus. Similar style to Pendulum.


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Check out Helen - "We Specialize in Cages" is my fave drum n' bass (mixed with funk and jazzy vibes) album from last year.





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LTJ Bukem

Amon Tobin



Ed Rush & Optical

Andy C

Adam F

Roni Size


Shy FX






Chase & Status

Sub Focus

High Contrast




Concord Dawn

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