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HM-801 New Amp Module Project - Page 4

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How will the balanced module integrate with the existing headphone out?
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I would sugest the mini3 design from AMB, if we is willing to share or sell a license for it's use.


It is a great portable amplifier on par with most of the offerings from RSA, headamp, headroom and other manufacturers.

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Any updates on this Fang? What has been decided as the 'next' amp?

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I read something about a new balanced amp here (In the last comment).


"...With HIfiman releasing a balanced amp card soon ..."


But that may be as well originated from this thread

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Fang, I would like you to develop something more simple: Why not an amp that had the same sound signature of the HM-601?

With the standard amplifier, I think the HM-801 is too bright with less bass, missing body and/or soul to their sound. Moreover, at least with my Shure SE530, there is a problem with sound tonality. I think it has a nasal sound

At first, I did not like the HM-801. I was expecting a similar sound signature to the HM-601, but even more space, depth, detail, etc..

I will not sell this unit, at least for now. I will give a chance to GAME amp and some other news that may arise for this player.





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I got the Game amp and never looked back.  Originally i was using expensive external amps but now it with the Game it just isn't worth carrying the extra weight and bulk for the slight improvement over the Game unless i have mid to full sized on, and then i am carrying bulk and weight anyway.wink_face.gif

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I am using a JH16 and have been thinking for the past few months if I should pull the trigger for the GAME or wait for news about the new amp. Its sad that its this quiet around here.
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I am looking to sell my Cowon J3 and get a HM-801 with the game amp

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That's what i run and i am quite happy with it.  One of my better audio buys.

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Still no info about the new amp? I thought you will post it this week fang.

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I think its very bad business to keep owners in the dark regarding the next firmware and the amp.

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Hello everybody,


I moved back to China on April. I spent a whole month on renting house, set up office, etc. I went to Germany on May to attend Munich highend show. I apologize for my long time absent in headfi community. 


Balanced Amp module has been finished three month ago. However, I am not happy with the balanced amp module cover. We need another 4 weeks to finish the new amp module cover, then we will release the balanced amp module. 


About new HM-801 firmware: I will work with our software engineer on this before July. 

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Awesome news Fang, I saw the pics from the Munich and it seems you all had a great time.

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