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Best Earphones with 100€....150€ max

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I would use them with my notebook/mp3 player. I'm totally noob in this field so please advice me some good earphones.


I usually listen to pop music, but sometimes I listen to dance/trance music so I want a good bass sound.


Currently I have the Alessandro MS-1. I'm satisfied with them, but i want something more portable and I want more isolation. 


I'm in Italy so I prefer to buy something here, but I can order on some website outside Italy without problems.


Thank you.

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any advice?

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would you prefer IEM (in ears) or earphones? If earphones you could get the Yuin PK3, it's quite cheap and goes good unamped, pretty good bass. Or Sennheiser mx580/mx760, which have really good reviews here. 

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Radius DDM are rich sounding(very detailed)IEMs, plenty deep punchy bass and has really wide soundstage. Sennheiser IE7, Sony EX700 are detailed yet bassy IEMs with big soundstage.

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personally I really wouldn't recommend the ex700, considering that they are typically more expensive than the UE triple-fi 10 at $214 EU (which seem to be the bargain at the moment, along with remaining shure e530 stock), similarly the Sennheiser ie8 seem slightly overpriced at $328 EU. 


The basic problem with in ear headphones is that its not really possible to try before you buy, plus durability/fragility can be a factor.  they do offer quite good isolation, but yeah I would personally stay away from the ex700 as I found it underwhelming (for $360 EU) as well as having rather bad sibilance. 


There are plenty of better, bassy in ear earphones out there, and many less expensive offerings that can easily meet the bill.  For example, Radius twf11r, (180 euro if u can find it), or the aforementioned outgoing shure e530 stock (double budget at $321 EU).  Sennheiser IE7's are probably good but likely over budget (in Australia they cost 220 euro)


Otherwise many over ear closed headphones offer decent isolation, for example shure 840, or sony mdr 7506.  the benefit here being that you can try before you buy.  any of these will isolate fairly well, and not leak much sound, but you may not like them as much as your MS1's...


also have a look at this topic: http://www.head-fi.org/wiki/top-tier-universal-iem-comparison-chart-and-information

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For pop music with a lot of beats, I recommend a-Jays Three for in-ear. i think you will have a lot of fun with it since it has strong bass impact while maintaining mid and high end at acceptable level.

For over ear, I recommend v-Jays. This headset is a lot of fun and more balanced while srill keeping Jays portable bass impact without bloating over mid and high end like PX 100.

Of course for isolation, in-ear is better.

Anyway, think of the Jays mentioned like this: bass strength of Grado, smoothness of Sennheiser, details of AKG. However, not much of soundstage though.
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For about $100 to $150 you can get Denon AH-C710. I have AH-C750 and heard reviews that it is exactly the same or comparable with lot's detailed bass and moderate clarity for midrange and high. The AH-C750 were very impressive for their price and sound quality compared to higher end earphones. Right now I have AH-C710 on order to try and compare. 

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+1 Radius DDM

Among best dynamic IEMs under 200 US

can order from MusicaAcoustics from Japan.


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Pana. Sonic. HJE. 900. biggrin.gif

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