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Looking for a New Player

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My Zune 80gb just kicked the bucket (well...a "friend" knocked it off a counter top actually), so I was looking for a replacement. In all reality, I'm only looking for a music player, I never played games, or videos on my zune. I'd like it to be relatively small (no bigger than the zune), and high capacity (80gb was fine).


Any suggestions? I've been living in a bubble, beyond a Zune or an Ipod I don't know any players out now.

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There's also sansa, they are good mp3 players. The sansa fuze is very easy to use...but i see that you need a good amount of storage for your music, and that's a disadvantage on Sansa. At least i dont know if they have 80 gb versions. 

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The Sansa Fuze could be a good choice. But they only go up to 8GB. They have an expandable memory with MicroSD cards. I do not know if they can take 32GB, but in that case you would have 40GB. However, when the Fuze starts up with a card in it, it refreshes the database and that can take a while if the card is as big as 32GB.

I have got the older sibling to the Fuze, Sansa View, and with a 4GB MicoroSD card in it takes about 1 minute to start compared to around 20 seconds without a card.


Cowon has got a nice line of DAP:s. The present flash based Cowon DAP:s maxes out at 32GB. The D2+ and the new J3 have expandable memory, the biggest capacity of the D2+ is 16GB and it uses SD cards which are a bit cheaper than MicroSD cards. So with a D2+ you can get a maximum of 48GB. The new J3 has got a bit bigger screen, 3.3 inches compared to 2.5 on the D2+, and the maximum size is 32GB. It takes MicroSD cards so the biggest possible size should be 64GB. The 32GB J3 has not been released outside of Korea yet as far as I know, but it should be released later in June/the beginning of July.

Both the D2+ and the J3 are touch screen DAP:s.


Sony has also got a nice line of DAP:s with the recently discontinued X series being the flagship. I have not experience of Sony, so I cannot say much about them.


My final recommendation is a brand that used to be respected, but not much anymore. Creative used to lead the field with their mp3 players in the early 2000:s. After their biggest success, Zen Vision: M in 2006/2007, they have mostly been going through the motions and just released okay DAP:s. Some people think they have gone down the drain, but I think they still can offer descent options. They have a highly anticipated DAP in the Zii, which never seems to develop beyond the testing stage. Among their current line of DAP:s, you might take a look at the X-fi2 which is a touchscreen player with a maximum capacity of 64GB. It has got a MicroSD slot, so in theory it can hold 96GB. The last few Creative DAP:s with expansion slots have not integrated the memory card content in the main library, so you have had to access the card's content separately. I do not know if this has been fixed on the X-fi2...

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its hard to find a small size DAP with 80gb beside Zune and Ipod, i think the only choice is only zune 80/120 and Ipod classic

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There are a few models with 64gb on board.  The Creative X-Fi2 isn't bad and has a microSD slot for added space.  Add a 16gb microSD-HC to a 64 and you'll have 80gb.

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Clip does take 32gb cards.

One 8gb Clip+ and 2 cards = lots of music. (Albeit it would be kind of expensive to get 2 cards :/)


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The Fuze starts up immediately with the card most of the time, the only time it takes a few minutes to start up (~5 mins for me) is when I change the files on either the micro SD card, the SD card itself, or the internal hard drive, because it has to refresh. But the Fuze/Clip and everything is for portable use, do you really need more than 20GB for portable use? I tend to listen to newer music + old classics when on the go [For instance, I keep the entire Beatles discography (who doesn't love them?) + Karajan-Beethoven (studying music) and then the songs I've bought in the last few months or so] I can always find something to listen to, and on the off chance I don't have a song I want to listen to, I just add it at night...


But to each his own, I know a lot of people here have the 240GB iMod, like to keep their entire library in FLAC...I guess I'm just not one of them (nothing wrong with it though)...

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