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Yeah, I read the MS-1 uses the SR125i drivers, but sounds on par with 225. I personally don't own either of the cans, but have done extensive research regarding all of the entry level grado / alessandro headphones. I'm trying to decide which pair to purchase myself. It's looking like the modified MS-1, or MS1000.

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Originally Posted by dub Beatz View Post

Yeah, I read the MS-1 uses the SR125i drivers, [...]

Like any other Grado?! :-D

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Originally Posted by xnor View Post

Like any other Grado?! :-D


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Why not try the unmodded MS-1s dub?

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Been told they don't like my favorite genres too much, and the ms1000s apparently make them more genre friendly

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Ah true. Haven't read up too much on the MS1000 mod. Not too keen on trying the MS-Ultimate mod, thats for sure :S

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the differences are quite subtle. i've owned an sr60 and an rs1i. i sold the rs1i rig. it was a more refined headphone, but i couldn't justify the price difference. ymmv.

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Would it be worth purchasing them already assembled for around ~$140? If they are really that subtle, and won't improve on electronic dance music or hip-hop then I'll go ahead and pass them up. However if there is an improvement specifically in these two genres I might consider them.

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Okay so...  Alessandro Music Series One is like the 125 but sounds on par with 225.  Alessandro is cheaper than both so ima shoot for those.


However, go with original or 2009?  What exactly is the difference?


And what are all the mods I could do?  What differences do they make?


Thanks for all the input guys.

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GS-1000s are my go-to cans for jazz, acoustic, orchestal and ambient.


HF-2s are my go-tos for rock/pop/electro and anything fun sounding.


Sennheiser HD600s for when my ears can't take the grating any more 

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Originally Posted by fateicon View Post

It depends on what you listen to and what kinda setup. The higher-priced Grados definitely benefit from a good setup. They sound more natural and refined. 225s are pretty good, but I definitely think they are below the RS series and HF2. You should consider the HF2 now that Todd has some back in. RS-1s are probably the most exciting and in your face. HF2s are like them but with more bass and a slightly more enclosed sound. I find 325s to be a bit bright and shrill at times. 


The GS1000 and PS1000 take you a few rows back and sound more distant than the traditional grados.


The PS1000 doesn't put you a few rows back.  That was with the GS1000.  The PS1000 restores the Grado mids.  It just does so with jumbo pads, which allows you to enjoy the HF extension you miss with the bowls.

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i think the 225s are the sweet spot definitely. i have 225 and hf2 the price difference is wide. as a beginner with grado sound, if you went with 225s, you'd probably spend a few years with them; they're that good! personally, i would have loved to have tried teh rs1 before getting the hf2, but there were never any around i could try, so i ended up getting the hf2s new, but used rs1 would have been a good gauge to see if i needed to step up farther than the 225s.

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