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My wife let our dog eat my headphones and she'll be paying for replacements out of her entertainment allowance; she has to learn to pay attention to the dog when she has responsibility for the dog.    I digress.


I see Er-6i quality has deteriorated since I got mine ~3 years ago.


I really liked the foamy tips on the Etys for:

  • comfort
  • stay-put power (big ears)
  • sound isolation
  • range of reproduction/fullness of sound


My cans of choice at home are the Senn 580s for Instrumental, Jazz and Blues.  Grado 325 for rock.


My "demo" tracks are stuff like Marc Cohn, Ghost train.  Norah Jones, Nightingale.  Coldplay, Clocks.  Brubeck, Take 5. Thelonious Monk, Ruby, Dinah.


EDIT: I get an equal entertainment allowance.  Upon rereading I might look like a monster... :) Trust me, she is an equal monster in our relationship.

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