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hifiman ef2

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I am selling the original hifiman ef2 with stock tubes, usb cable, power cable, and including a ipod lod to rca to hook up your ipod.  I used it flawlessly with my sony laptop (vista) and my 2nd generation ipod touch.  I am selling this to get money for a home theater system plus the grado sr225i are really good enough to run without an amp.  I am asking for $155.00 shipped to the continental US using USPS priority mail.  You are getting a $30 cable included in this price which i purchased from


$155.00 USPS Priority Mail ConUS Paypal Only




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Price reduction to $150 shipped

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$140 shipped to all the United States (50 states + DC) using USPS flat rate priority box.  Paypal Only.  

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interested in.

please check e-mail

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Willing to buy.

Please check e-mail.


Thank You

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PLEASE tell me this is still available...

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I am making this purchase.

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