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Good inexpensive Sennheiser.

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Hey guys. I'm just wondering what pair of Senns should I get for around 30-50 bucks. For the record, I've tried the following Senn products and I did not like them very much: HD218, 238, HD205. I currently have the EH150s, which I think are actually pretty decent. However, I still have to wonder if there is something a little better in that price range. 



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What kinds of music you like? You want more bass, details? 

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I like just about everything. I listen to Jazz, Funk, Punk, Metal, Hard Rock, Classical, Techno...Folk, some Country even.


I like a good amount of bass, but I also really like details. I like non-veiled sound that still has some coloration, perhaps a bit of a warmer, darker sound. But still crystal clear. I know Sennheisers routinely get jumped on for having a veil, but I will reserve judgment for my ears. But yes, instrument separation is a must.


Truth be told, the EH150s do most of that pretty well, but I'm just curious.

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PX100? :)

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212 Pro maybe?

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Thanks for the suggestions, but I have already solved this! I got the HD 203s. I just made a thread about it actually.

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I consider the beyerdynamic DT 235 to be the best inexpensive Sennheiser.

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HD201!  They sound great after some burn in.  :)

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+1 for HD201!

Very good cans for the money. But the amplification is obligatory, they're insensitive.

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