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Philips 673 Tuner

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Phillips 673 tuner in silver-aligned & serviced. I have the service slip showing work done & will disclose to buyer. Great condition; some marks on the tuning knob.


From the fmtunerinfo site:

Philips AH673 (1977, $600/orig $500, front1, front2, back, sales brochure, owner's manual, full service manual, schematic, alignment guide, board assemblies) search eBay
A very large analog tuner with some sophisticated "bells and whistles," the AH673 has 5 FM gangs and an excellent AM section. Our panelist Bob reports: "Wow, very different for a 1977 tuner. No ceramic filters anywhere inside. The IF filter, a single path, has 3 banks of 8 LC filters, yes, that is 24 LC elements! Next surprise: It was built entirely in the USA, possibly one of the last high performance U.S.-built tuners, besides the McIntosh and Sequerra units. Very interesting use of backlit etched tinned circuit boards for dial and meter displays, with incredible 100 kHz resolution ticks on the tuning dial. Touch-sensitive switches are the last interesting design element. Also nice is the continuously variable analog knob for muting, and the FM-only selection that totally mutes all but valid stereo signals regardless of strength. Selectivity is excellent and sound is superb, with a very natural midrange and accurate tone on violins and brass. Inside is a 5-gang FM tuning cap, and removable circuit boards with spring contacts similar to the Kenwood 600T. Very few ICs, almost entirely discrete design inside. This unit appears to have a very high-performance AM section as well, but I have not tested it yet. The AM section has a normal and high fidelity selection, as well as a 10 kHz filter. Overall, an interesting and unusual tuner that is well worth checking out if you stumble on one."

Bob's review is a close match for one Jim found in the "The Complete Buyer's Guide to Stereo/Hi-Fi Equipment" from 1978: "The Philips AH673, while quite costly for a conventional (non-synthesized) tuner, offers a number of sophisticated features to help offset the price. There's an automatic noise cancelling circuit, variable muting and output level, multipath indication, and 'touch controls' for switching functions. In addition, the AM section is one of the best we've seen in a high-fidelity tuner." There's also a high-blend circuit that Philips calls "ANRS." Our contributor Jean-Pierre adds that the AH673 sounds far better than the Kenwood 600T and has a better midrange than the McIntosh MR 78. Our contributor Brian L. says, "I've owned the McIntosh MR 77 since new and it has gone up against some very good tuners and its sound has consistently been the winner. When I put it up against my AH6731, it was neck and neck for sound. Very close, with the Mac being slightly more smooth and preferred to the Philips." Our contributor J.C. found that his AH673 "locks onto stereo even with very weak signals, much more so than any other tuner I have used. You don't get anything in mono when on the auto mode, you have to invoke mono if you prefer mono on weaker signals." He also noted that the AH673 is "really nicely built. Reminds me of late '70s Hewlett-Packard test gear as far as construction. The headers and board connectors are good. There is really only one thing I don't like about the AH673: the dial. It's great from a user standpoint, but it's not the most attractive-looking dial. Most FM tuners with analog dials are sexier than this. This is more utilitarian-looking in that respect."

We don't have an explanation for this, but there appears to have been a very rare all-black AH673. The AH6731 (photo, left, middle, right) is the normal (but still rare) all-black equivalent of the AH673. See how one AH6731 sounded compared to other top tuners on our Shootouts page, and read our panelist David "A"'s Ricochet for another viewpoint. Our contributor Dan adds, "All I can say is wow! I have a modded Sansui TU-517 and the AH6731 is just a cut above. For sensitivity, selectivity and sound, it flat out beats it hands down. It is just a marvelous sounding tuner - crystal-clear and very detailed, right through the frequency range." The normal sale price range for both the AH673 and AH6731 on eBay is $350-615. The alltime high was a bizarre $855 for a 673 in 5/03, and the recent low was $316 for a 6731 in 4/06. [BF][JR]

Thanks for looking!!   $350 obo  Will consider interesting trades as well!

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I will also consider trades.

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Bump.  Price reduced.

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Can you send this tuner to Russia, Moscow?
Paypal accept?

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Hi there,


I'm interested in your Philips AH6731 tuner.  Is it still available? 


Regards, David

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Hello. Have you sold the tuner? If not, please email me at Thank you!

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Please contact me if the tuner is on sale. Giovanni

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