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HiFiMAN 602: Talk about your initial impressions and specs

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Size: 104mm*62mm*27mm or 4.09*2.44*1.02inch

Portable music player with USB DAC



Mini Instruction Manual:



Down arrow = next track - holding it down will scan forward through track

Up arrow = reset track/previous track - as above but backwards through track.

Right Arrow = select folder or files to navigate or play.

Left arrow = inverse of right arrow

Dataexc port = storage access


Center button = select item except doesn't work on first menu choice for me but fine after that.  FW update needed likely. - While a track is playing center button will pause/play.

Recommended charge time ???






From the maker of the 602:


Hi Ryan, different people have different taste. HM-602 is not a "v-shape" sound signature. It will never give you "wow" in the first second when you listen to it, but you will like it after you get used to its sound signature. You can listen to it for hours and hours, and will never feel tired. However, some people like warm/sweet/analogue sound (such old meridian), some others do not (they might prefer a much cheaper denon than an old meridian player). If HM-602 is not your cup of tea, contact our customer service team and return it for refund.


When we designed HM-602, I used my threshold amp and B&W 808 speaker set up to test its line out against HM-801 and some other TDA1543 DACs. In my opinion, HM-602 line out is better than most entrance level TDA1543 DAC. I am not a 3gs owner so that I do not have any ideas about its sound. We did compared it to imod. I don' t think HM-602 line out is less clear or detailed than imod, and HM-602 is much more musical.  In addition, please make sure you turned of eq and set sound effect as standard, and every time before you test HM-602 against other products, pls turn 602 on for more than 15 min to make sure it is warmed up.


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I wonder if the NOS dac imply that this player can't support hi-res audio.. Or it can play Hi-Res and regular audio at their specified sampling rate

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Looks quite interestig. Are there more specifications elsewhere available?

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Your purchase is a pretty safe bet.  The HM-602 uses the Philips TDA1543 which is a dual 16bit DAC, so it won't be able to natively play 24/96 files like the HM-801 does for starters.  As to how it will sound in comparison?  Some of us will find out for ourselves in a few days.



Although TDA1543 is a 16bit DAC, it does support up to 192khz sampling. So 24/96 FLAC is still better than 16/44.1



Yes, the specs do list support for 4x Oversampling, but you listed it as "NOS".  So that means it will have oversampling enabled for playback of 24/96 FLAC files?


Think again

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OOOOO I can't wait until reviews are up for this baby.  It's like the bastard child of a Ti-85 and a Gameboy, pretty.


And yes, compare it to a S:flo2!

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Personally, I think it's pretty exciting. I love the look too...

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Found this thread comparing the DACs 801/602



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Some spread out quotes



Nos dacs do not use steep filtering to remove the 'steps' in the analogue output waveform.
One of the effects of this is to roll of the high frequency output a little.
Another effect is that they can make engineers grind their teeth

I have built a number of my own 1543 portable dacs, they sound nice,
but not quite 'right' too my ears.
How good they sound depends on the designers circuit implementation, not all
nos dacs are equal.
I built mine point to point and they are very small.
The 1543 is also quite a hungry beast and my dacs run from a 9.6 v battery pack [regulated to 8v] consuming around 80 ma.
So not the best portable solution.

There is tons of info about them over at Diy audio:





I really like the TDA1543, but I've never really thought it sounds good stacked.. just concentrate on a good implementation, and it will sound phenomenal.

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Looks interesting, I'd also like to see if this is better sounding than the SFLO:2.

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Does the thing have an EQ comparable to rockbox? Or at least something somewhat usable? A good EQ is pretty much requirement for a portable player in my mind.

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I like the retro design! There is a sort of iRiver H3xx vibe going on here. Very nice says this lover of old DAP:s!

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This player has the potential to stir up the DAP market. Interesting indeed.

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Fang was nice enough to answer some questions about this player:


1) Amp is same as standard amp in 801 but with high/low gain switch and will not have hiss with JH 13/16 pro IEMs

2) ~10 hours of battery life

3) ~ 150-160g  (s:flo2 is 133g)

4) reiterated what was earlier posted about DAC and importance of implementation


Since it will be competing with the 2GB s:flo2 ($120) it will be interesting at if this sounds better (and by how much). 


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Man, I wish soem of these DAPs would support ALAC....yeah, I know...

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Is the Hifiman 602 going to have digital out?

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