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Originally Posted by midoo1990 View Post

i am hugely dissapointed by jh service...hugely! they dont respond to my emails either Brittany or the customer service,there is no update whatsoever and they received my molds 6 days ago and didnt email me of that or updated my account status.

frankly,i just want my money back,i dont like this type of service even if the product is top notch.

Also i am annoyed because they didnt tell me before i ordered that jh13 will be delayed as jh16.i thought that the drivers delay was for the 16 thus i purchased the 13 because of the wait time.


If they are at mess right now because of the huge amount of orders,why didnt they say this at their site?why didnt they say it will take more than 5 days to make the iems after receiving the impressions?


i said my rant.

Please, cut them some slack. They're probably flooded with emails right now. The only way I was able to reach Jaime was through her Facebook. I'm sure in the end everything will work out for you, just be patient man. Good Luck.

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Hey midoo,


I’m just curious if it 6 business days ago, so last Monday; or 6 calendar days? That would put it at last Wednesday. Many of us who have ordered the JH13 recently have about a two week turn around from when the molds arrived in FLA to receive our monitors. This has been stated in recent threads about the 13 and is pretty consistent across the board. I actually sent mine back for a re-fit 3 BD days (or 5 CD days) and have not heard a word from JH. Keep in mind Can jam took them out for a while. Not an excuse, just saying.

I relate to your frustration about the lack of communication at times, but this is a hobby where patience is a virtue for high level items such as this. I know it’s hard, but just wait until you hear them, it will be worth it. Keep in mind, 2 weeks. When all else is driving you crazy, call em up.

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Apparently I can update my status:


Contrary to the email i got last week, i will be shipping today ...


In the lab 05/28/10 ...


received an email on 06/02/10 told that i was shipping either 06/02/10 or 06/03/10

received a fb msg on my wall post that they would ship today 06/08/10


3 day memorial day wkend

3 day work week for JHA *(took friday off for CJ10)

4 day weekend for JHA *(took monday off from CJ10)


really!? WoW talk about missing the cut ... orders behind mine got out before the weekend ... irritated! Six weeks today, AFTER they started shipping, this is also including the volcano hiatus, i guess. but still a lil under 2 weeks since i got my in the lab notice. such a exaggerated process.


@42 ... it hasnt been 60 days for me (damn, thatd have me SOOPER tight) ironically its been 42 days for me ;) hopefully it wont be more than 45. i can only sit and wait in silence, quiet literally.

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sorry,i wont cut them the slack.if they have the time to attend canjam and update their facebook wall daily and constantly with some lousy reviews of  advertising sites for their jh16 and 13,they should have the time to atleast respond to my not one email,but many.

thye should have also warned me of the delayed production time.

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^ agreed, the whole 3 day week followed by a 4 day weekend is dumbfounding with the level of silence and apparent backlog.

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Same I am not amused, so much for 5 day turn around. This is unacceptable it has been 2 weeks since they received the impressions and I had to email them since there was no update and since the received ear mold update there has been nothing else.

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Have any of you guys tried calling? What do they say when you do? Just curious.

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Indeed, them being @ Canjam makes for no real excuse to delay communications w/ paying customers.  No matter how good their product is, you don't want to be idolizing them to excessive levels.


That said...  They did respond to my emails, though it took a couple times to get in touch.  Don't get worked up over them missing emails or being unresponsive, but don't fret thinking that 'reminding' them will piss them off, either.  They do have a phone number (should be in any of their emails they sent you), try giving them a call.  Again, they're spotty on answering and returning calls but that isn't too far off from vendors I deal with elsewhere.  When I got through to someone they were extremely helpful.


When all else fails, you can always try to get a refund from them, and if they deny you that, get some assistance from your CC company and dispute the charges.

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again, personally i would rather them WORK on the buds than answer emails and phone calls all day ...

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Waiting for stuff is never fun especially something like this which is expensive and highly raved here. Hopefully it all works out for you guys waiting. I would be frustrated too at the lack of communication as well. If they have time to update facebook then they should be able to reply to an email for customers that have already paid.

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i just sent them a "Rant" email but nothing strong or offensive.i hope they reply to me soon.

@MuuMuu:i am afraid calling is not an option first because i live across the world from the US,second my English is not as fluent as i would like it to be.Third,it is terribly expesnive to make a call to usa using my mobile server($5 a minute for an international call!!) so i am entirely relying on their emails or account updates.

The funny thing is that Brittany was very responsive with me asking some questions before i placed my order but after i paid the money,its dissapointing to the say the least.

i am also afraid that i cant chargeback CC because i paid Brittany in cash.


@Honeyboy,hey my friend.i am not backing up from this one but if it will take too long to make like SHADYMILKMAN,i will ask Brittany for a refund and buy the hd800.


@rawrster: i agree with you.



i will stop ranting now.i am travelling this saturday and i supplied jh with my address there to ship it to me.i will leave after three weeks,if it is not shipped before i return to my country,i think i have every right to recquest a refund.


the thing that pains me is that i sold all my iems to support this purchase and i saved some money to complete the funds and i wont be able to take either the hd650 or wa6 with me because they are both heavy and huge,so i will have nothing to listen to.i was hoping tat they ship the jh13 before i leave but i guess i was wrong.

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Do you have Skype installed?  All you need's a headset and you can make calls for ~3cents/minute, though you have to pay in blocks of $10 for skype credit.  Plenty of other calling card/internet telephony options abound if you look for 'em.  They're open 9-5 EST, you'll probably have better luck getting ahold of them in the morning.  Tell them you're from overseas so they're going to have to talk a little slower so you can understand them.

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Here's to hoping day  42 brings a present

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Update (June 9, 2010):

"Your order should ship early next week."


Originally Posted by tommysolh View Post


JH|16 Pro
Order Number: 1566
Date Ordered: May 3, 2010
Earmolds received: May 13, 2010
Status: (as of June 1, 2010) "Your order should ship next week. Thanks for your patience. Thanks, Jaime"
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