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Aren't the 840 pads made of the same material as the M50 pads?

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They "sure" are ! lol.

I really don't know if they are the same material or different...I just could not resist. Sorry.

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the inner screen material is different

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So they will break down just as fast as the originals. I guess its good there are some alternatives though. I want some J-Money M50 pads!

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That's hard to say, they're both made from some sort of plastic leather.  There are a lot of different compositions for plastic however and the surface of the shure pads don't feel the same as the at pads.  The main reason to go with the new 840 pads is the increased comfort, they have a larger circumference and deeper/softer pads.

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Yeah, for $15 I might give them a shot.

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Is the price for a pair or one pad?

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Thats the price for a pair.

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I just ordered a pair of the 840 pads for my m50's as well. Should get them sometime next week

Thanks guys.

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Has anyone noticed a difference in sound with the 840 pads?  Please give it a critical listen for me.  I tried the beyer dt250 pads a while ago and they disgusted me with a horrible perversion of the frequency response.  I tried to get used to them, but they messed up the freq. response way too much.  The beyer pads have been sitting in my drawer since then.

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Originally Posted by ZeNmAc View Post

Has anyone noticed a difference in sound with the 840 pads?

Yes. Compared to the M50 pads the 440 pads open up the soundstage, decrease the bass a bit (some might say they refine the bass) and increase the mids. The 840 pads open up the soundstage as well but to a lesser degree than the 440 pads but maintain the bass. I'd say you might notice a slight increase in mids as well with the 840 pads.


These are my initial reactions to both pads anyways.


Keep in mind that I have "balance mod" in place



So it goes without saying that "results may vary." ;)

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put some 840 pads on my ultrasone hfi780. vastly increased comfort, took away my major complaint with ultrasones

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since the 840s i have came with an extra set, i might have to try this.


i didn't really find that the "balance mod" did anything, to my ears anyway.


so, this will be a final effort to coerce some midrange out of the m50s before offloading them...


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