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what colour would fit this?





smoke black / gunmetal black / blueish?


Can't really find a matching colour.

Damn, thats some sick artwork XD i think wine red and turquoise/ ice blue is nice

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I received ES5s on Wednesday, that I ordered at CanJam...  I went with candy purple for the right and emerald green for the left, with no faceplates or artwork.


So far, I'm very happy with them.  The fit seems great, both in comfort and seal.  The left one only fits correctly if it's the exact perfect rotation, so I've been trying to figure out how to wear glasses with them without pressing any direction.  But other than that, they are great.  I listened for 3 hours last night (after giving out candy), and they got more comfortable the longer I wore them.


I am listening through an iBasso D10 DAC/AMP.  The synergy is excellent.  The D10 with the op amp that's in it, I normally consider a little bright, but that is perfect for the ES5 because the ES5 doesn't lack bass.


I maybe should have had my impressions taken while grinning, because that's the effect listening is having.


Overall, two thumbs up.

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I'm seriously considering moving on from the W4R to the ES5 – the W4R are awesome, but I'm itching for the top. Do you guys think it's worth it?


I called an audiologist in the area listed on Westone's site and they seemed very inexperienced on the matter, though...they said they could take my ear impressions but asked me if they had to order for me too, lol, so I don't know if I should go for it or see if I can't find some others who seem more certain. 


Also, I'm not quite sure how I get custom artwork on them. I know it costs about $70 more when ordering, but if I order through the audiologist how do I submit the custom artwork? What about any requirements for resolution and size of the artwork? 



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just contact westone directly before, they'll give you more info about it. Here is the template they gave to me:


note: variphone is the European company doing westone iems.


image size they said to take a high resolution picture (>300dpi) without borders. My picture is about 1920x1080 and it should be fine according to my contact @ variphone, but the higher the image size the better probably.

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Thanks! The template definitely helps get my head around how the design will look. The logo I want to use is a vector file so I suppose I wouldn't have a problem. Sometimes I adjust things for actual size tho – make sure the lines show at earpiece size.

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I have an appointment with the audiologist tomorrow! Not sure if I want clear shells with my logo on them or bright/light green shells with my logo on them. Anyone know if white is a usable color? I don't know if they paint it in the shells or what. If white is a color I would definitely go green and knock out the shirt, leaving white for the face, hands, and shoes.


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Be sure you don't have any earwax...I had to reschedule my appointment to tomorrow as well because I had too much earwax.


White colour should be fine, you can always mail westone with your mock up and they'll give you more info about it.

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Went with clear. I think the green was a bit too unnatural – I don't like my gear to stand out. The impressions went really well according to the audiologist and in 3 weeks (or less, fingers crossed) I'll be able to try them out. So excited!

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earmolds made, now the waiting game begins.

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My ES5 came yesterday exactly 3 weeks after I got my impressions (was quoted for 2.5 weeks). If you guys want to know what I thought about the sound in depth, or see pictures, I can show/tell you. Overall though, I enjoy them a lot, more than my HE-500s.


Btw LifeAspect, is your profile picture Saya? :cool:

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@ magdumper: yup :D


pictures are always welcome


why is akarin~ holding a gun? :o

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This is my screen name for FPS games... to mag dump is to empty and entire magazine of an auto gun in one go. I have always liked that picture and because I like anime art style, have always thought that picture fitting. I haven't even seen Yuru Yuri and don't plan to watch it lol. I asked about Saya because that is my favorite visual novel I have ever played (have only played 3.5 though) and love the character.


ON another note, why did you go for the ES5 over something like the UERM, considering you have HD800s? Just curious on your thought process:D


I'll take some pics and post them in a few mins

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wanted a different sound so I don't always have to listen to a more analytical sound (that being said, I love the HD800s and are probably going to stay my fav headphones until I rob a bank so I can get some SR-009s). That and it's easier to order westone in Belgium (or well, it's easier as my audiologist works together with the company that makes westone in Europe which makes it easier to order)


How do the es5 sound with jpop or dnb?

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Amazing for DnB. I'm not much of a pop listener so I can't comment there. There are extremely liquid, smooth, and soothing. They honestly make my HE-500 sound scratchy in comparison... and I was with a friend and he agrees (he was able to get the CIEMs to seal in his ear drums properly, but holding his ears in a certain way). I will probely end up selling my home rig because these ES5 outdo them in almost every way. My favorite over ear headphones I have ever heard btw is HD800 so if I ever buy another full sized over head headphone it will most likely be those. I heard them at a head-fi meet for an extended period of time.


For reference, the type of dnb I listen to nowadays is along these lines


I'll take pics now, was charging camera battery

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Serial number 3000 flat :ksc75smile:



Comparison in size to Monoprice 8320...picture doesn't really do them justice but they are about 2x as big


I think they sound fine out of iPhone 4s


Sorry using bad camera, my big cannon camera's lens couldn't focus at these distances at all

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