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mine have always taken 3-4 weeks

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Mine took 6 weeks, I am not living in US tho

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Only if you've paid extra $100 or so for "rush order". Normally it's couple weeks as stated by others.


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Just got called back to the audiologist to re-cast my ear impressions. Bummer! Here I was hoping I was over a week out, but I guess it's back to day 0. Pfffft! mad.gif

I read somewhere in this thread that it takes 7-10 days to get the IEMs back from Westone. Has this been true for you guys? Is that business days or do I literally only have to wait one week's time?
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Hello  let me state I am a complete novice here. After  hanging here for a while I have decided i am going to upgrade from w4 to  ES5 how ever  after reading about amps, Dac's, cables  and a bewildering range of products which i feel am  just starting to understand. my question is ,


I have 8500 songs on itunes which are all lossy so is it worth me looking set up  a more advanced rig such as


 imod > pico slim >ES5  or similar .

at the moment i have

Touch> ZO 2 > W4   and Smiling a lot.


As it seems unless your source is great every thing else is  a bit pointless.


Also thanks for all your post's  i think i have a new hobby.

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The ES5 will improve with iMod+AMPs like JDS C421 or Pico Slim and dock cables like ALO 18AWG Pure Cryo or CXS willbe great add in chain to take real benifits of ES5 amazing soundquality. BTW if your music is 320KBPs to 192KBPS and it willbe still sound good with this setup.

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Thanks that’s very reassuring i will carry on with my planes,looking forward to the next few months. 

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I called up Westone and asked the estimated turnaround. They said 7-10 (business) days from the time they receive the impressions. That means with shipping time back and forth, my ES5s should be here this week! 


*fingers crossed*


edit 4/9: They just called and asked me to come in tomorrow morning. Happy Hump Day, Indeed.

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As I recall, $50 for 3 days rush order, $75 for a 2 days rush and 120 for 1 day rush. However, getting the exotic materials means one extra day added to the previous time intervals.

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thank you post starter

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As it turns out, hump day wasn't so happy. The left monitor fit great, had an amazing seal, and sounded as well as I'd hoped. The right monitor, however, did not. I ended up back at the audiologist for a re-fit. She packed up the right monitor, the new impression, and my happiness and sent them off in a little box.


Yeehaw. More waiting. After having a brief listen, though, I know it's worth it!

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unfortunately, this is the way it goes with customs...  my UM miracles didnt fit, and it took 3 tries to get my right es-5 to fit...


its worth getting them perfect.  dont give up until you do. 

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Originally Posted by czqdtc View Post

Es5 is really not as good as some of you guys described here. I did refit twice and finally got a perfect seal but still I sold it because it gets blown away by universals like togo 334 and k3003... Even the ie800s sound better... Es5 's sound is too plain and boring, no coloration, not so transparent as well. 334 blows es5 away especially in vocals. The difference is as huge as u move from hd600 to he-6.


Originally Posted by cooperpwc View Post


I do not agree with this but it is a matter of taste. Comparing the ES5 to the IE800 and TG334, we are talking completely different sound signatures. The ES5 has more texture, layering, subtlety and grace. It is also the most balanced. The IE800 is a more forward, bold and exciting headphone but it is not especially subtle. The TG334 is somewhere in-between but with the least disciplined bass. I don't like the clunky form factor. (Edit: I should add that in my view each of these three has excellent sound quality in its own way.)


All things being equal, I might take the Private 335 over the ES5 but all things are not equal - it is twice the price. The ES5 is good value for a fine custom IEM.


Sorry I never saw these old posts before.  The way "my" ES5 fit and sound to me puts them in the top tier of custom IEM or headphones.  My ES5 are lively and energetic, rich and vivid, extended and impactful, and open and airy, and warm and everything else they need to be.

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Hi can anyone advise which universal would have the most similar sound signature to es5?

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Originally Posted by buihia View Post

Hi can anyone advise which universal would have the most similar sound signature to es5?


compare to ES5 demo I herd...

Fitear togo334

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Does anyone know where I can demo a westone ES5 in melbourne? thinking of getting this or the 13pro freqphase after reading the reviews on innerfidelity haha.

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