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Yes it shouldn't hurt. The musician's fit is the longer and thicker canals because when we open our mouth to sing ah, etc. the seal will not pop. I find this only effective if I do not use the ES5s every day, which will temporarily shape my ear canals so it will adjust to the thickness of the ES5s...

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What's that?  I'm sorry I couldn't hear you while wearing my long tips for 8 hours while chewing a sandwich.  tongue.gif


I think you might have an audiologist problem?

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Post some pics. Let's see how bad it really is. No way they will give you 2 sets of ES5s for $1000.

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How would pics tel you if it was a good or bad fit? As I said I don't really care about the look anymore.

The info on the deep ones seems incongruent. I think I could get used todeeper ones though. I think one reason why it's popping when I move it because its just not deep enough a seal. And they don't hurt at all when I wear them. I took 3 days of casual usage to get used to them so I think my canals could afford more abuse
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Candy purple colored ES5 monitors arrived yesterday !

Heres the pic :


I had trouble wearing them initially but I think I got it now. Thanks to my audiologist who helped out.  And Dale Douglas (Westone's) NAMM video on youtube. I have no frame of reference since these are my first CIEMs but heres my impressions :


The sound is awesome ! I can hear stuff so much clearer.  These IEMs are much better than my studio monitors and I can hear my guitar tone much better and confidently tweak the settings on my guitar amp modeler. They seem pretty comfortable once worn.  But I am having a hard time removing them. Fortunately I was successful every time :-).  I tried following all the instructions by the audiologist and youtube vids (rotate forward, wiggle on the way out etc) but it is painful to get them out.  From the pic, you can tell that they made it pretty deep. Also I was surprised to see that the part that goes into the ear canal is pretty thick. My audiologist tells me that my ear canals are big !

I am thinking of taking them back and asking them to make them a bit shallow. 


Any advice will be helpful.


Thanks !

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Try to live w/ them off and on for a week, week and half then decide.  Getting them out was a big WTH do I do moment at first.  Now it's second nature.  Do give your ears at least 2 days off somewhere in the middle to acclimate and build muscle tone.


If you bleed, you might need a refit.

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If you bleed, you might need a refit.


You assume that he's a wuss.

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If you aren't bleeding, you might need a refit aren't doing it right.



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Now full disclosure:  It was only when I shortened my ES5 tips that my endless suction / vacuum problems were solved. Definitely YMMV.


Perhaps you have never seen true dual bore ES5s before. Well here they are:




They are still pretty deep (but definitely shorter than before the mod):




I discussed the materials that I used to shorten the tips in another thread here.

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When I first got my pair, I was sure I needed to return the right ear for a refit. The problem is the tips move quite a fair bit which sometimes from factory or for whatever reason it has moved and doesn't give a good fit. After 2 weeks it felt a little better, fit was OK 50% of the time. After 3 weeks fit was fantastic 50% of the time, 25% OK and other 25% not good. After 4 weeks something happened and it is now 100% perfect fit. I mean 100% everytime and always. I worked out how to insert them properly and remove then properly to ensure they fit every time. Now it is magnificent fit every time.


So it may pay to give it some time provided that your audiologist did a great job to begin with.

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^ Yes.


(When I modded my tips, I already had the ES5 for more than a year and was well outside the warranty period.)

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Yeah I self modified my tips on right side to be a tiny bit shorter too...

Morale of the story is every ear is unique and your mileage Will Definately vary
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The more I use the ES5's, the more convinced I become that no other in ear or full size provides so many pros relative to the number of cons. Deep, expansive soundstage - check, clarity and transparency - check, immersive and musical- CHECK!, ability to reproduce deep bass (sub 40 hz) - check - add to this an incomparable level of isolation and great comfort! Apart from the sometimes overly reverberant and forward mids (I seem to prefer the drier and more laidback mids of the LCD's and UM Miracles) I can't really fault them. Sometimes there is a little congestion on the most demanding of passages that my UERM' and Miracles handle more delicately, but as a totality I can't think of anything I'd rather listen to on my daily commutes. I'm always surprised, when considering their signature, how detailed these monsters are!
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I can definitely relate to you on this one. :( And it's elegant presentation. But there are some parts where the ES5 beats the LCD2s which is why I chose to keep both.

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I seem to prefer the drier and more laidback mids of the LCD's
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Hey guys! I'm going in to get my impressions today.  SO EXCITED.  


Wanted to ask if anyone had recommendations on aftermarket cables??? -- I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but just wondered what everyone else was using?  LET ME KNOW!

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First off congrats! I tried the Silver Dragon and didn't notice as big a difference as with the Miracles. Maybe others have had better luck.
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