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lebeatz, on head-fi you need to prepare for some usual Dre Headphones trolling, they're not really welcome here. You can get much better cans for that price.

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Originally Posted by Aizura View Post

What does it matter if they're fake or not if you're only getting them for the looks?

HAHAHA so true.

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You want to stand out with headphones?  Why get something every tool can own...


Get something custom from Beyer:


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Just out of curiosity, are the SRH-240s good for blocking out noise?

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Before I found this site I came soo close to buying the Solo's

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Man o man. I thought to be cool, instyle, scene, hipster, whatever, the idea was to be original. To have a style of your own.


Some would call me a goth guy, but if you have ever been to a goth club, yeah, pretty much everyone is wearing black, or cybergoth/industrial/fetish fashion, but each person has their own style. You can be part of a subculture and still be unique. If you like Dre, find a pair of good phones, with good, or better bass response, but also, can accent the midrange and HF used in his production technique. You don't want muddy bass, you want something clear, but can still go low, however, only when it is supposed to. Some call this punchy bass. Treble should be slightly rolled off so you can really nod your head to the producer who can rap and control the meistro... but without fatigue.


THEN, pay homage to Dre by finding/making stensil for his logo, or maybe something from one of his album covers, something, and mod the phones, make them yours, unique. You will far more impressive to the people around you than if you just had some rapper's version of apple's white earbuds on your head, IE, what is the point of style if nobody even notices you in the crowd? You can have style AND good sound. If a couple hundred gothic people in a club can all be different in some way, but still be part of the same subculture, I think you can show the world that you respect the Dr's work without spending a lot of money just to look exactly like a very large amount of other people, all the while not getting your money's worth in sound quality, durability, and so forth.


Unless he is paying you, there is no reason to pay for the chance to advertize his "brand", in fact, it is kind of stupid. There are far better ways to pay tribute. Most of the money goes to Monster anyway, and just them being in the apple store should tell you they are going to be overpriced and designed to fail to get you to buy another set. When has apple supported, or designed, anything lately that wasn't meant to shaft the consumer? Frankly, this is exactly why apple can get away with selling products defective by design, because people think they are cool. I wish more people cared less about trying to be a walking consumerist advertisment clone, because all it does is remove you from style. To be in style is to put your own spin on an idea, or trend. It's not bad to like Dr. Dre, but there are way better headphones that can be had and used to chunk the duce for Dre.


I'll bet "The Chronic" on XB700s would change your mind in a very short time. There is no way in hell that the beats are going to match the XB700s in bass response, but also control, while actually treating the rest of the audio spectrum with respect. They aren't fatiguing, they isolate well, are comfortble, and can easily reach ear bleeding volume levels on a small mp3 player. I use mine with my Sansa Fuze all the time, and It would, indeed. be very painful to turn the volume up all the way. I don't see many people with them, and a lot of people have seen them and given them props when I have been out and about.

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Aizura: What does it matter if they're fake or not if you're only getting them for the looks?


Completely agree with you on that.  It's kinda like buying a fake Rolex.  It's not something that I really understand, but it seems like acceptable practice.  If you want them just for the brand, why not get a cheaper set, I'm sure there are models that run $100 and some, right? 

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What does it matter, they will probably sound equally horrid.

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Buy this fake. Buy an M50 with the money you save. Swap drivers. Wear cool M50.

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lebeatz that website is fake ... its listed on the black list on monsters website

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(Damnit hacker)

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