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Really?  Why so?

I thought any every in the system have a chance to contribute to sibilance?

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I'm only going by what I have experienced. It wasn't until I addressed cabling and power that I finally got rid of the excessive sibilance that was in my system. Sibilance is now no longer a separate noise, rather now it is a part of the performer's voice as it should be, hard to explain but it sounds very natural now. Also, keep in mind some recordings can be over sibilant and some can be just right. I'm sure there are many things that can cause excessive sibilance, but the source would be the last place I would look IMO.

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I see, thanks wink.gif

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definately no sibilance added with this dac. 

i would agree that a dac is rarely if ever going to be a contendor for sibiliance.  DACs in general are almost always there to make the sound more neutral and natural and reduce coloration, not produce it.

sibilance is going to come from your cans more than anything, sometimes amps.

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Thanks Br777


But I read some reviews said, it tend to bring sibilant 'more' than other DAC in the review, so that's why I asked. 

I just haven't understand any logic whether a DAC should or should not introduce more sibilant, but I'm just scared wink.gif

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i mean, if sibilance is already present in your rig, than a DAC that rendered music better or more clearly could certainly make the sibilance more prominent by proxy, but creating sibilance on its own.. i dunno about that one.  certainly not my experience.


if this is the only thing holding you back from this DAC I'd say you have nothing to be concerned about. 

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Ok, noted that Br777   smily_headphones1.gif

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What is the best soundcard to use with the Minimax 32 bit DAC to utilize the ? I am currently using USB for my output from a Shuttle PC .  I want to utilize the AES/EBU or digital coaxial inputs on the minimax to get the best performance.  


current set -up


Peachtree Audio DAC

SCA-35 Dynaco amp

Klipsch/JBL speakers  

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You don´t need a soundcard to feed the DAC. You need an USB->S/PDIF or AES/EBU converter.


- for coaxial connections i'd recommend the M2Tech HiFace in BNC design.

- i personally use the Musiland Monitor 02 for convertion into RCA coax, it sounds great and has an external powersupply, what is a plus because you don´t depend on the usb power ... but it´s pretty big.

- for AES/EBU i only know the M2Tech Evo which is a bit pricy.



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How does the minimax stack up against the DAC1 USB?

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Is 680 € (Audiotubesis) norm price for Eastern Electric Minimax Tube Dac in Europe (shipping included) or I can find cheaper ? 

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  I don't find that. Link please.

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I don`t find too.

This info received from correspondence by e-mail.

Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC EU price is  680 € including shipping. DAC is on stock.

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Thnx for link!

What do You think about comparison Eastern Electric DAC and Audio-gd`s tne NFB-1 ?


Does that organisation of PSU gives some benefits to the sound ?

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