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Movie Camera

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Not a video camera, but a movie camera.  I feel all cameras that are "pro" are movies cameras, particularly ones that do 24fps.


So recently I've felt I need a new camera for my needs, of wanting to be a film maker.  My little 1080p 30hz camera wasn't cutting it, it's cheap, low light is non existant without snowy picture, and it was only a hundred dollars.


I'm thinking, a Panasonic AG-HMC40 will be a nice new toy to have, don't you think?  That's all my budget will allow..

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Why not try a DSLR like a 7D

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Because in sharpness the 7D can't compete with the HMC40.




Besides, I'm going to be shooting for long times, I want a real video camera, not a camera who's main purpose is for photos.  I keep my cameras seperate.  I have a Pentax for my dSLR shoots, and I keep the video cameras seperate for their jobs.


Besides, the HMC40 has more video features than the 7D.  For example, zebra control..

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