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I've heard about Little Dot, but they are not popular, I'm afraid to do deal with them. I found opinions that Lyr is nice with LCD-2 and HD800, but as you said, it is not really tube warm sound. Though I found a popular Russian company "Laconic" who's producing a non-OTL tube amp "Night Blues mini". Price is bit more than Lyr, but I think and another people tells that it is what I find. Thank you RedBull for advicing.!
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My pleasure.



Hey, that's cute.  Only that I don't understand what it says in the website.  Ok, I ask my uncle to translate below =>


That's a hybrid design.  Yeah, OTL is not so suitable for LCD-2 anyway.


You can maybe consider a used DNA Sonett, little bit stretching your budget, but it is transformer coupled amp.

I am also tempted to try this one.



Laconic Lunch box H-AMP

Данный усилитель специально разработан для использования с низкоомными наушниками от 24 Om до 600 Om. Наилучшие результаты были получены от 32 до 300 Om.
В гибридном усилителе Lunch Box H-AMP применены миниатюрные лампы 6С31Б-Р. Усилитель сочетает в себе преимущество ламповых и транзисторных усилителей, высокую мощность с низкоомными наушниками и мягкое комфортное ламповое звучание. Лаконик H-AMP выполнен в едином дизайне усилителей и ЦАП серии LunchBox. Лампы располагаются внутри корпуса под вентиляционными отверстиями, таким образом, лампы защищены от случайного прикосновения.
Усилитель Лаконик LunchBox H-AMP обладает ровной амплитудно-частотной характеристикой. Благодаря низкому полному выходному сопротивлению, при подключении разных наушников c
разными импедансами, в наушниках не будет изменения в АЧХ. Выходной уровень сопротивления для низкоомных наушников в 16 Ом составляет около 1 В, для высокоомных около 7 В. Данный уровень будет достаточен для наушников со средней и низкой




Laconic Lunch box H-AMP

This amplifier is designed for use with low-impedance headphones from 24 to 600 Om Om. The best results were obtained from 32 to 300 Om.
In the hybrid amplifier Lunch Box H-AMP applied miniature lamps 6S31B-R. Amplifier combines the advantages of tube and transistor amplifiers, high power with low impedance headphones and a comfortable soft tube sound. Laconia H-AMP made ​​in a single amplifier design and DAC series LunchBox. Lamps located inside a vented, so the lamps are protected against accidental contact.
Amplifier Laconia LunchBox H-AMP has a flat frequency response. Due to the low output impedance, connecting different headphones c different impedances, the headphones will not change in response. Output resistance level for low resistance headphones at 16 ohms is about 1 to about 7 of high B. This level will be sufficient for headphones with medium and low sensitivity.



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Ooops, sorry, I pasted the wrong amp, should be this one what you are looking for:



Size WxHxD in mm 195h135h250


Hmm, not too big, not a Hybrid, looks good too.

Please post impression once you get one  :)




Headphone Amplifier Laconic Night Blues NB-3A

2012 model year. Universal tube amplifier designed for low impedance and high-impedance load. Has a transformer output, which makes it possible to get the highest quality sound. In the new lamps are used, originally developed for audio applications - is the input and the output light 6N8S 6P6S. In headphone amplifier used a specially designed low-noise power supply circuit. NB-3A features high output power and can handle high-impedance headphones. For that there are two outputs for low resistance and high impedance headphones.
The emphasis in the design was made to the highest quality work with low impedance tube amp headphones. In conventional tube amplifiers for compatibility with low-impedance headphones added resistance, on the one hand reduces the output power, and the other sounding headphones turns tonally colored, that is not always acceptable. For this reason, it is tube sound quality can be enjoyed only in the high impedance headphones. Circuitry Night Blues is optimized primarily with low-impedance headphones and now for the low-impedance headphones do not need to use a transistor amplifier.
Night Blues, not a hybrid, combines the advantages of the transistor and tube amp, being all-tube, though the amplifier can be to work with a low-impedance load. At the moment, the amplifier is the flagship of the headphone amplifier of Laconia.

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Originally Posted by drez View Post


You might be surprised how much ripple there is on a battery...




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RedBull, yes it is this amp. There are two versions, also "mini". But I thought to add extra money and take original version. It is about $800 w/o shipping costs.  

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Edit: Oops sorry, didn't see the following posts. I see danik's not interested in LD anyway!

^ Good advice and comments RedBull but I don't know about the LD 1+.

You mean the tube-hybrid right? Stock?


I have it - great with Grados for its price, but not nearly enough power for LCD2.


But like I said, mine is stock. I know some people rolled tubes and chips. There's a thread about it somewhere round here. Maybe there's a combination that works...

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^ I see.


I never heard LD 1+ actually, but with the rated power, I am surprised it does not have enough power for LCD.

32 ohms: 800mW
120 ohms: 300mW
300 ohms: 150mW


Cos I have BCL with the lower rated power and I am very happy with it, but I have to set medium gain, otherwise not so dynamic.


60 Ohms: 400mW
300 Ohms: 200mW

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^ I agree, based on these figures (btw, RMS or peak?) the LD1+ should be capable of about 500mW (RMS? Peak?) into 50 ohms; 427mW into 60. The 32 ohm figure suggests it has sufficient peak current.


Yet it definitely was very underpowered compared to the Meier Concerto, which has similar figures to the BCL???


One of life's mysteries!

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Hey, i'm in the market for an amp to my LCD-2, budget around ~160$~ redface.gif. i currently don't have anything to do them justice, i'm looking at :

Audioengine D1 170$ =====> good dac with an amp

Topping TP D2 165$ ======> good amp with a dac

which one will have a better synergy with the LCD-2, I don't care about the portability of the D1 at all or anything except for the sound. i'll drive them with one of these for about 3-4 months till i can get them a proper set up.

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Who less? wink.gif

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Originally Posted by Steve Eddy View Post





dang you cant get ripple from a battery huhph34r.gif  I think I meant noise.

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What you mean you never have seen an AC Battery??/




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Originally Posted by drez View Post


dang you cant get ripple from a battery huhph34r.gif  I think I meant noise.


They're pretty darn quiet noise-wise too.



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Originally Posted by adydula View Post

What you mean you never have seen an AC Battery??/





Yeah, I saw me some batteries with "AC" on them. But right after the "AC" they said "Delco." tongue.gif



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Just make sure they are the 'Deep Cycle' model..



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