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NVA AP10H Headphone amp.

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Has anyone here heard this headphone amp, or even used it with AKG K701s?

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I've got an NVA AP-10 H paired with an AKG K 701.
It sounds very good with acoustic music (guitar, piano ...) and female voices.
Very detailed sound.

Output impedance of your player should be low ( < 50 ohms ; Mine is 10 ohms)

and you must use NVA interconnects (mine are NVA SSC) because preamplification stage is passive.

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I've been using an AP10P (AP10H + speaker outlets) for over a decade now with many sources and headphones, including the K702s. The amp has a detailed, natural sound, though a bit small with the AKGs. The sound with HD600s was much fuller, but I got sick of jiggling the connector cables with those phones. I love listening to chamber and orchestral music with the NVA.


While I don't recommend ignoring NVA's advice on cables, I've never used their interconnects or speaker cables.

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Its been a while since i don't hear anything about this amp. I briefly used it with some vintage Akg hp's a few years ago and it has a nice amount of detail, with a laid back sound to my liking. 

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