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The Sasquatch of Earbuds

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I am on a mission for something that I am not sure exists.  Does anyone know where I can get earbuds (not IEMs) with a j-cord and an in-line volume control?  I know I am in the super minority here with a distaste for IEMs and a preference for j-cords, but someone must make a product for us Luddites, right?  Any advice to help a sister out would be much appreciated. 

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I would post a thread on the For Sale forum here asking if anyone will sell you a HiSoundAudio PAA-1 (the earbud that comes with the AMP3). It is J-corded and has a volume control. It also sounds good - really good.

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Thank you, nice person!

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The title of this thread is awesome. Also, I like the reference to Luddites. Overall, awesome thread. Keep up the good work

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If you ever find such a beast, let us know if you enjoyed messin' with it.



/never liked earbuds much, but have been a big fan of the nearly extinct J-cords for years

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