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A bit late, but at last a short post on our first meet in Vienna... We were just 5 people, outnumbered by a factor beyond 3 by the headphones brought along. Very nice, interesting discussions and too many things to try out -- I missed out on several but hope for another opportunity to check out the rest.


@ampair: many thanks for organizing the room.


@everybody: thanks for being there, for bringing along so many toys, for the nice discussions and an afternoon full of music.


I'm looking forward to the next meet (maybe March, 15th?) and hope to attract even more people.



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thanks for the photos, i hope there will be more people on them next time :)

march 15 sounds fine, no plans for that date yet.

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also thanks a lot for the fotos.


march the 15th also sounds good for me. i have marked it in my callendarium.


thanks a lot



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two weeks left until our next meet, time to start planning ;)


a colleague of mine will join in, did anyone of you acquire new recruits?

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Nope. But date is fine with me
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i will try to come.

an other question? does anyone know someone in vvienna for recabeling my dt 990. the cabelsoldering is broken, and i´m the wrong man for this job ;)





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Originally Posted by pcyco View Post

an other question? does anyone know someone in vvienna for recabeling my dt 990. the cabelsoldering is broken, and i´m the wrong man for this job ;)



if it's just a resoldering job we can do this during the meet. if you want a complete recabling of the dt990's insides, you better give it to a pro ;)

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no the same cable can be used again (i think so)


Danke fürs Angebot. Ich werde darauf zurückkommen.





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Could you bring the th600 along this time?
I'm considering buying the th900 that are currently up for sale here and would like to test if they are worth their premium price. I thibk I figured out better tubes and gain settings to match the mkiii amp with the th600/900

Would be great!
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@nonno: yes, of course. IMO the price difference is by far too large... given that the TH600 now has a list price of 799,-


@all: a bit late, I know... but it would be easier for me if we could change to March 22nd. I'll be at Pro Light & Sound next week and therefore running low on my time budget (lots of work at the moment).


Another thing: my order at Beyerdynamic is delayed and chances are better the new toys arrive in time for March 22nd.


I'll try to bring the following parts to check out:

Fostex HP-A4 USB DAC + amp

Fostex TH600 closed back headphone

Fostex HP-V1 mobile tube/ss hybrid amp (on order)

Beyerdynamic T5p closed back Tesla headphone

Beyerdynamic T51p mobile Tesla headphone (on order)

Beyerdynamic T90 open back Tesla Headphone (on order)

Beyerdynamic A200p mobile DAC+Amp (on order)

Nocs NS900 DJ headphone


Really looking forward to our next meet -- we should buy some beer this time I'd say ;-)

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can't make it on the 22nd, since i'm away on a seminar... if you can't make it on the 15th, how does the 29th sound?


but i most certainly agree concerning the beer ;)

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March 29th would be fine. Maybe we can recruit some more people... Beer should be a valid argument in that regard as well ;-)

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29th works for me too
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Nice to hear that :-)


My Beyerdynamic packet arrived on time (actually a lot faster than anticipated), so I can bring along the T90 and the T51p. The A200p is giving me trouble though, it works when connected to my Macbook, but does not accept input from any iPhone/iPad I tried..


Maybe I'll include the TH900 again as our guest from last time will bring his new TH600+A4. Quite infectious thing it seems ;-)

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where will we meet us?





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If it works out, I shall have bring a w3000avn that I just bought.. :-)

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