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I'll have to ask when they have a room available, but if they have one free it might even be free (the General Manager is a friend of mine). We would have to pay for our drinks though.


But I'm in no way opposed to TU.


well, if its' free i'm not opposed to the hotel either. in that case i can even live with paying for my drinks :D


and i also vote for january. december is way too packed.

i have time on 11, 18, and 25.

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so, what's it gonna be? please post the weekends where you have time, so we can decide where we meet.

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i write the 25 into my calendar.





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sorry, my bad, overlooked plakat's last post. 25 it is.


i'll ask at tu for a room, will report back when i know more (would also be free i guess)

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Yes, lets head for Jan 25th.

I'll check with said hotel but TU is OK as well.

My Meier equipment is already here, so I'll bring that as well.

Looking forward to January :-)

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I should be good for the 25th, really looking forward to this!

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Also looking forward to this. I should have a he400 by then to contribute. Happy holidays
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I can bring a Fostex TH600 and Sonys PHA-2.

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i can bring my jds c5 and my CK²III  amp.





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Would be great to set a time and place (so we can make plans for the rest of the day).

Looking forward to meeting you,

Ps: my he400 will be up for sale
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Jan. 25th is near ;-)


How's everybody? Who has time to come and what are you bringing with you? What are your room preferences? I've just sent mail to said hotel and should know by tomorrow whether they have a meeting room available at that date. Otherwise what is the status of the facilities at TU mentioned by ampair?


So for starters I intend to bring the following toys:

Fostex TH900, HP-A8, maybe also the TH600 and the HP-P1

Beyerdynamic T1, maybe the T5p

Meier Sound Daccord+Classic

V-Moda M100


Looking forward to meet some fellow enthusiasts...


Edit: my contact person at said hotel is on vacation till Jan. 19th -- so I can't say whether they have a free room till then. Maybe we should pursue the TU option...

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i have time, and like to come


i can bring


i can bring my jds c5 and my CK²III  amp.


i have westone um2 and um3x


short in german:

ich will nicht kleinkarriert klingen aber was kostet das mit einem hotelzimmer??

ist keiner aus wien?? wenns nicht sooooo viele sind könnten wir das nicht eher privat gestalten??


die dicke kohle ist bei mir grad mangelware :)





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@Thomas: Der Deal mit dem Hotel wäre die Nutzung eines ihrer Seminarräume gegen Kosten der Getränkekonsumation, d.h. keine Kosten für den Raum selbst.
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thanks for the info.


lets make the 2nd meeting in the summer and  you can  come to a barbecue in my garden. :)





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@plakat, what an awesome collection! Thanks for bringing it along. Though I'm a bid worried about what desires might come out of this and sorry for my wallet.

More humble, I can contribute a hd650 with the little dot mkiii (different tubes of which I enjoy mullard 8100 the most), an echo audio Indigo sound card and hifiman he400 - all of which I consider a great value proposition
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