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HD 555 / AD700 / SteelSeries Siberia v2

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I'm more of a gamer than a major audiophile, music listener at this point.

That being said, I'm kind of at a cross-road right now.

I have a pair of HD555's and I enjoy them, but I may be looking to upgrade in terms of sound quality or to a gaming headset.

I would really like someone's opinion who has tried the Siberia's.

So, what are your suggestions?

Are the Siberia's better in the 555's in quality?

Or do the 700's just own everything completely?

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I don't own the Siberia's but I think that the Senns would definitely be better.  Also I have not heard the 700s but I read that they sound better than the 555s.  EDIT: From what I have read, (have heard the 555s many times) if you already own the Senns, keep them it's probably not worth the upgrade to either of them if you already own those.

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The 700s would probably more of a sidegrade IMO, as both the Senns and the 700s would do well in gaming, I'd prefer the 700 though due to its larger soundstage. In terms of pure gaming, you might want to look to the Beyer DT770 Pro 80 if you have a decent amp.

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I've actually made the intention to sell them and my buyer is giving $75, which I can find both the others for around $80, so I won't be pressed to pay much for the upgrade.

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had all 3. the siberias are NOT an upgrade. rough thudding bass, kind of screeching highs. the ad700 is better than the hd555 in terms of detail, highs, soundstage. less bass though (unless amped and eq'd). probably not enough of a change to be worth it.


the hd555 is an ok, semi-balanced entry into open air nice headphones. it will take some good $$ to make a worthwhile improvement.

you might want to try closed headphones for a bassier, in your face type sound

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I personally prefer open phones, however I just read that the Siberia's aren't that great and seeing as how the 700's and 555's are pretty equal, aside from the stage, I guess I'll stick with the 555's for now.


Edit: @ourfpshero bass kind of makes things get pretty muddy for me, at least.

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I own the Siberias, and they are most definitely a downgrade to the AD700s.


I haven't heard the 555s, but since they are essentially the 595s pre-mod, they are pretty on par with the AD700s from what I gather, if slightly a little worse.


Since you already own the 555s, and want a clear upgrade for pure gaming, I'd say go with the DT770 Pro 80s IF you game with Dolby Headphone or some other virtual surround, and don't mind a bassy headphone. Otherwise, perhaps the K701, though they essentially improve on everything the AD700s have to offer.


Like GodMode, I too am not really an audiophile, and mostly use my headphones for gaming, I have bought/tried plenty, including the A40s, Tritton Ax Pros, Siberias, AD700s, DT880s, 770 Pro 80s, K701, M50s, and PLENTY of others not so well known for gaming purposes. The DT770 Pros and K701 are VERY different from one another, but both excel in gaming in their own ways, which is why I'm completely happy with them and don't need another gaming can. Whenever I want pure enjoyment out of gaming with movie theater-like sound, the DT770 Pro 80s are the way to go. When I want to compete very seriously, I put on the K701s. Believe me when I say that this is a winning combo. If I seriously had to choose, I'd take the DT770 pros because of how fun they sound when playing games. I can still compete with them on a serious level, though others may find the bass too powerful for true competitive gaming. Still, they DO have the very best positioning and directional cues I have EVER heard for gaming.


GodMode, I think the K701s would suit your needs as an improvement over what you have now. I speak of them purely for gaming purposes. You ought to know how popular they are for music by now. If the price is too steep, the AD700s are pretty much the next best thing, for a fraction of the price.

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Trust me on this one please. There isn't a single "headset" on the market, besides the senns, that offer even the slightest bit of an improvement SQ wise to your HD555s. The Siberias would be terrible, I've heard them at a LAN, and then the same guy listened to my AD700's, sold his Siberias and bought the AD700.

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Thanks for the feedback guys!


For now I think I will stick with my 555's, I may shoot for the K701's later on, seeing as how their price tag isn't terrible.

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Mad Lust Envy tells no lie when he suggest DT770/80. I went with his recommendation, bought them and I now consider it the best purchase I've ever made, hands down. These things provide the most incredible gaming experience.

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Yeah, but like GodMode said, he finds bass a bit too intrusive for gaming. He wouldn't like the 770s, as their bass is pretty damn powerful. We love them though. :)

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Originally Posted by dub Beatz View Post

Trust me on this one please. There isn't a single "headset" on the market, besides the senns, that offer even the slightest bit of an improvement SQ wise to your HD555s. The Siberias would be terrible, I've heard them at a LAN, and then the same guy listened to my AD700's, sold his Siberias and bought the AD700.


What about the Beyer MMX300s?


Boy this is a popular topic today... 3rd post on this subject in an hour...

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yeah, been playing BC2 ALOT lately. Every time I go Engi and the tank I'm repairing blows up it melts my face. It's like BOOOOOMMMMMMMMM UUURRGGGHHHHH RUMMMBBBLLLEEEEEEE SHHHAAKKKEEEEEE.

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Again, pasting this because it holds true:


Get the K701s, NOW. Just trust me. I'm a heavy mixamp user who has tested a plethora of headsets and headphones. The K70Xs are by far the most god-mode inducing headphones I have ever used for games like MW2. And yes, their directional cues are hella amazing. Put them right next to the AD700s, and you'll see that they do practically everything just as good, and most things better. They are ULTRA clear, have an expansive soundstage, and are  just an all out competition powerhouse. Are they worth the premium over the AD700s? I say so. Think of them as a more perfected AD700, gaming-wise.


As for an even better headphone when it comes to directional cues, the DT770 Pro 80s. Without a doubt the very best in this regard from all I have used and heard with gaming. They are the BEST when it comes to letting you believe you are actually playing in surround sound. Still, they're bassy, and have more of a home theater sound, which may or may not be to your liking, especially for competitive gaming.


If I had to rate them on certain things:




K701: 10/10

DT 770 Pro 80s: 8/10 (they are still quite clear through the bass, though the bass may bother some)


Direction cues/positioning/surround sound effect:


DT770 pro 80s: 11/10 (YES, they are that amazing)

K701: 9/10




K701: 10/10

DT770 pro 80s: 8/10 (for a closed can, they have a LOOOOT of depth to them)


Both of these WILL fool you into believe there is sounds actually coming behind you, so they are both quite perfect for FPS games, though if I had to choose one for hardcore online gaming, I'd say the K701. For pleasure, the 770 Pro 80s.

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Mad Lust Envy, woudln't you think that the 880 would be the best gaming phone? Since Beyers all have a similar sound signature, but the 880 has refined, deep bass? Seems like it to me. I didn't try gaming with the 880 when I had it recently. Wish I would have....

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