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My '99 Max was upgraded with a Headroom Reference Module in 2004 (by the way, is this the current "Max Module" for Headroom?).

I use Senn HD800s and Grado PS1000s, so is it worthwhile to upgrade?

Is my Max still competitive?


I was thinking of the Phonitor, but was worried it would be too bass-heavy for the Grados. I was also looking at the Rudistor RPX33, but do not see much comment about it lately.

I want a refined sound that is not abusive at all.


I have do-no-harm preference here. I want to avoid punchy mids and vocals, searing highs, and overwhelming bass. I want a controlled presentation, with balance across all the musical sounds. I actually like the Max in this regard, but would like a bit more smoothness to vocals, and some more air around the objects in the listening field.


To my ears, the Grados sound better on the Max than the Senns, with a warm integrated and a balanced

overall sound, realistic instruments and vocals, and sweet highs.

The Senns seem a little flat on the Max, but still pleasant, just not as open or able to

separate the musical components as the Grados do.


I have done a lot of reading here about current amps, but I thought I would request some thoughts here.

Thanks again.