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Best phones under $50?

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The Sennheiser CX200s I've been using with my Clip+ died a few days ago, and I'm currently using the stock earphones. What's considered the best headphone/IEM under $50? Earbuds are out of the question as my left outer ear is a little bit larger than my right one, which causes the left bud to constantly slip out of my ear and subsequently be readjusted. If it helps, I listen to a lot of hip-hop and 80's hard rock/metal.


I've been looking at the KSC-75, the M6, and the CX250. Any other recommendations?

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Out of the three you have been looking at, I would get the KSC-75.

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I love my Senn PX-100's.


Or just get some iems that come with swappable tips and fit one to each ear separately.

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Why not take advantage of the Senn warranty?  In the US I know it's 2 years, and I don't think the CX200s have even been around that long.


If that won't work or you want to upgrade, I have the CX-400s & took some time searching for what I think will be a good upgrade, the Brainwavz M2.  They've gotten some nice write-ups especially for their bass impact & precision (not to mention build quality & a smooth sound signature), which should help you enjoy the music you listen to.


@ 59.50 shipped they are stretching your budget though, so you might also want to consider their brother, the M1's.  It doesn't look like they have quite the bass or the build quality, but @ 39.50 they are also $20 dollars cheaper.


Granted this recommendation is a leap of faith as I haven't heard these yet myself, but they are brand new so few have.  Like the Senns the M2s have been reviewed as a "fun" sounding phone, yet with considerable better marks across the board.


Reviews --

M1: http://sn.im/bwvzm1

M2: http://sn.im/bwvzm2


Site --



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I will second the Brainwavz M1 and throw the ViSang R02 (sold on ebay) into the mix. Slightly better build quality than the M1 and a sound signature closer to the Brainwavz M2 but for under $50. 


Also, the CX200 and CX250 supposedly sound the same so that wouldn't exactly be an upgrade. And the M6s, great as they are, aren't the best option for rock and metal under $50 anymore. IMO that would be the Brainwavz M1/ViSang R02, followed by the Maximo iM-590.

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The ViSang R02 sounds interesting. Can it take abuse? That is, can it take multiple yanks out of your ears when you accidentally drop the player and all that jazz? I'm a bit wary about ordering from eBay as well.

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The R02 has a very strong Cu-Ag alloy cable and a a rubber strain relief (unlike the Brainwavz M1). That particular housing is extremely common among Chinese IEMs and has been in use for many years. I've owned quite a few IEMs with that shell and nothing has gone wrong with any of them.


If you're wondering about the ebay seller, he's legit. I got both my R02 and R03 from him, as well as a number of other earphones and tips.

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