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What Headphones Should I Get? ($100-$130)

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Hello all. I am in the market for some headphones that are of the over the ear variety. My price range is pretty much $130 max. I will use them with my computer. I can either plug them into my motherboard (it has a 3.5mm, digital and optical out) or I can plug my computer into my old (from the early 70s) Sansui 210 amp. Which would be better? Is it worth it to get a headphone amp in this price range? These will only be used with the computer. I pretty much need it for 60% gaming, 30% music and 10% movies. I prefer a warmer tone to my speakers if that makes any sense. Also where should I be buying these from? Thanks for the help guys I look forward to the replies.


Edit: I would like to add that I have a desktop mic so I do not need a headphone with a mic.

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Sennheiser HD555, have a warmer tone and it also works well without an amplifier, but they improve with one...good for games music and movies...the only drawback for me at this price is their built quality. (cracking yokes)

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Audio Technica M-50. Its what I have and I love them. You can get them on ebay for around $100.

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Musiland Monitor 01 & JVC RX700 is probebly the best you can get for the money.

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Those look like they rest on your ears. I want something that is bigger than your ears. Maybe circumaural is a better term than over the ear?

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Been reading the forums and it seems like the AT AD-700s are highly recommended. What about those? BTW the music I listen to is mostly rap and all the speakers/headphones that I've had pretty much crap out at 35Hz. Hearing something below that would be so cool.

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Since you listen to rap, can't really recommend the AD700s as there are cans with better bass performance. I'd say to look into the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80ohm.

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Those look to be a little out of my price range.

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Too bad, they'd be perfect :) Look into the M50 then.

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other popular option in your price range are the srh440 srh840 and 750dj all from Shure.


While headphone influence a lot the sound quality, do not forget peripherals like sound cards. An ASUS Xonar DS should do you fine for a small budget. If there is alot of portable use involved, a portable dac/amp may be interesting and an LOD might be too depending on your source.


From what I understand of your needs, I would suggest the Xonar DS sound card if you don't have a sound card already, and SRH440 or 750DJ, whicjhever your budget permits. People correct me if I am wrong

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