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FS: Balanced AD200 and Balanced SA5000

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Ever since I bought ALO-recabled HD800's in November, I don't listen to much else.  So I'm selling two headphones.


  • Balanced Sony SA5000.  I purchased these from a fellow Head-Fi’er in March ‘09. They were recabled to balanced using Mogami cable and Neutrik XLRs by a skilled friend of his. The cable is an improvement over the (pretty lousy) stock and very nicely done.  Asking Price: $250 + shipping.  SOLD!


  • Balanced Audio-Technica AD2000.  Purchased from a fellow Head-Fi'er (April '08) and then re-cabled by Enigma Audio with Vampire XLRs (10 feet).  Asking Price: $425 + shipping [Reduced]  Single-ended adapter available (see below).


If you're interested, please send me a PM.  Sorry, but I'm not looking for any trades.


Added on 6/3:  Forgot to mention that I also have an XLR-to-TRS adapter.  This will enable you to use the headphones with any standard (single-ended) amplifier.  The adapter was custom-made by Enigma Audio with Vampire plugs, so it matches the AD2000s.  Asking Price: $45.  If you need an adapter for the SA5000's, let me know.  Also let me know if you need a mini-plug (1/8 inch) for connecting to an iPod, etc.





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Edited original post to add information about adapter for single-ended use.

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Sale pending on the SA5000's.

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Thanks for chiming in, Juanharu -- I appreciate it.  The Sonys are now sold.  The AD2000's are still available.

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Price reduced on AD2000s.

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Originally Posted by juanharu4913 View Post

Keep in mind buyers, the sonys are 700 dollars new, stock



not at bandhphoto ....$351

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Updated thread to include the length of the Enigma Oracle cable: 10 feet.


The Enigma website is here: http://www.enigma-audio.com/Headphone%20Cables.html


And here's a post about the Oracle cable: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/236575/w5000-and-k701-balanced-recable-vs-stock#post_2916947.  After reading this, I upgraded my W5000's and heard the same improvements that Elephas did, which is why I went for the same cable for my AD2000's.

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Price reduced on AD2000's.

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Phenomenal price on the recabled AD2000. I have the exact same configuration on mine and they really are something special.
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Several nibbles on the AD2000's but no sale yet.  To answer a few questions that have come up:


  • I am willing to ship internationally (that's where the SA5000's went).
  • The headphones will come in the original box.
  • The headphones have always lived in a smoke-free home.
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