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Rather than change the optical back to coax, maybe they can offer optical AND coax both?

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didn't someone just say the exact same thing a couple posts up?
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Well, this is supposed to be the big week... Originally I was told that they would begin receiving the amps in batches of 20 and shipping them out as they get them in the 30 days after 2/17. However, I am assuming that with the input issue they are having, their timetable has slipped by up to another month (!?). Even if Jerry came back with all 100 amps this week, the tuning would still take a while IMO.


Idle speculation at this point....


Any predictions on what we will hear this week? If it does slip again, will anyone be canceling or going with the IEMs only?




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maybe all this was just a excuse in the first place as they needid another excuse/reason to delay the release after making yet another promise they knew they could not keep.

we will get a few more dates that will come and go and anyone actually thinking they would get this within the next 3 months at least is dreaming.

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Originally Posted by maxjam2 View Post

It just been confirm why admin was so desperate to close this thread

they dont want jh audio being bashed anymore and because of my last message here they banned me

go to the twag v2 thread and see what i post there 2 month ago and even then becoz of those posts they ban me for 2 weeks and i stop posting till now

so even tho admin deny they dont care if you give a sponsor bad feedback that is not true becoz they ban you

it has now happen to me twice becoz i said bad things about whiplash before & now becoz jh audio

i posted here months ago when i first joined with my original account that jh/3a will not release on time and everyone said i was wrong & made bets with me & i was right

this will not release for months just mark my word

If this is the case, I am sorry. As much as I like Head-Fi, the more they rely on adverstising to generate revenue, I am afraid that unbiased reviews and neutrality about equipment issues will go the way of Stereophile and every other high-end audio magazine. This is commerce.


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i think this is more about maxjam being a spewer of battery acid than an accurate reporter of bad experiences with vendors. virtually all of his posts have been vituperative and have not contributed to the discussion. if vendors mistreat customers this does get reported here. but ugly speculation with only negative intent is worse than worthless.

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I agree with daveDerek. What good is it going to do if we just keep complaining? It's not going to make it get here any faster. They gave us most of the information that we need and they know just as much as we do. They are trying their best. Keep in mind its their first time doing something like this. I'm no entrepreneur but I would suspect that its not as easy to release something in this scale especially if you have to deal with a third party supplier too. Anyways, I miss my jh 16 pros but I'm sure it will be worth it. Just enjoy your other headphones in the meantime. Watching the news in Japan suddenly doesn't make my headphones that important anymore heh.

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I think we should focus discussion on the JHA release.  Jerry IS in China and working on the issues.


I am just at a lost on how long it takes to change an optical connector to a coaxial one?   I would *assume* not a whole lot but we will see.

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Head-Fi'er DaveDerek just wrote, and asked me to post the following message from him:



i spoke to both Jerry & Brittany Harvey yesterday and they conveyed the following info. i was hoping that since it's relevant you could add it to this locked thread so all the (many) interested folks could know about it. thanks! i spoke with Jerry Harvey (he's left China) and he confirmed that the JH3a will have 3 inputs - analog (1/8"), mini-usb, and spdif coax (not optical). 


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