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I wanted to be the first to give a review on these  custom fitted iem's so here goes. Well I did it, I bit the bullet for all of you out there. I did it mostly because I'm tired of the shills (people posing as buyers to promote their own product) trying to say that drummers don't use single driver monitors. I also did it because the price was so friggin reasonable. I bought a pair of drm earz drm-1 custom fitted iem's. So here's my review: First off, I emailed them to ask a few general questions. Got a detailed email back from mitch marcum, the designer, within 1 hour. That was unexpected considering I waited a week to get a response back when I bought my westones. Don't get me wrong my westones kik butt, but don't sound any better than these & were alot more expensive. So the customer service gets an a+. Next, I ordered the monitors. I went with a clear red for my right ear & clear blue for my left. it's not on the drmearz website, but they make them in any color now at no extra cost. Within 30 mins I received an order form from them. I already had my ear impressions so I mailed them to the lab as soon as i got the form. I was surprised to get a follow up email a week later to update me on the progress of my monitors. Again, I have to say the customer service was excellent & to me thats almost the most important thing since you just don't find that anymore. I was told in the beginning it would take up to 15 business days for completion once they received my impressions, but actually got them back in 12. I will admit out of the box single driver iems don't give you the big kick drum sound, but with a little eq help these put out plenty of lows to give you a huge bottom. The sound quality is excellent just like my dual driver westones. I'm not sure they actually go down to 30hz like it says on the site, because my ears aren't even capable of hearing those frequencies, but the kick drum is nice & full. I did notice one big difference from my duals. These single driver monitors have a much more true sound. I imagine thats because of the crossover free technology. Sometimes less is more. Look around, but I don't think you will find a less expensive professional grade custom fitted iem with detachable cables anywhere. I hope this puts to rest the idea that drummers don't use single driver iems. Most drummers prefer that flat true sound you can only get with singles. Lastly, the fit was perfect just like my westones. Oh yeah, you don't have to take my word, just check them out for yourself at All in all they did an excellent job & I'm happy to leave a review for them. .... Murdock the Drummer