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ipod touch with OLED screen???

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Has anyone heard if this will ever happen? Thats the only thing the touch is really lacking.

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I have sony X with OLED, and I don't see noticeable visual quality difference with regular LED(maybe not looking hard enough).  I've heard that it is suppose to be more efficient.  Is it a significant decrease in power consumption?

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oled is deeper blacks, higher contrast ratio, richer colors, pixel response time much faster, thinner, less power

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I hated my iPod touch. About 10 hrs battery life when playing music on 60% volume. Sound sounded like it had a tad too much treble and looks like crap anyway 

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from reviews ive seen the cowons are supposed to get the best battery life in the industry

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It will likely be a while before  it gets an OLED display. The upcoming new iPhone has an LCD (possibly IPS) display. I'm curious to see what Apple does with the Touch. I wouldn't be surprised to see them keep the current display.


OLED still has some kinks to work out (such as outdoor visibility), so I doubt Apple will adopt it until its a bit more refined. Not sure how easily they can up resolution, but might possibly be another reason why Apple stuck with LCD.

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Personally, I hope Apple stays away from OLED for a long while. If they can manoeuvre an 8-bit IPS in there, or even a 6-bit IPS, I see no reason for them to put OLED. Sure, OLED is better with blacks than a cheap LCD, but the regular colours are soooo damn oversaturated. Most people have never used 8-bit IPS which look so much better than cheapo shyte LCD's. OLED is a buzzword for the masses. 

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personally I like the vibrant colors and prefer them to the more neutral washed out colors of lcd. Also pixel response time is a big thing with fast action video. LCD pixel response is a magnitude slower then oled. oled is like instaneous response 0 blur whatsoever. The image also seems to just have much more pop and clarity on an oled screen. True lcd's can get brighter and can be more visible on a sunny day but the trade off is worth it in my opinion. Thinner devices, more battery life, most devices have +3 hours of video time on oled compared to lcd thats HUGE. And who doesn't want thinner lighter devices. I'd say 90% or more of my usage of mobile players occurs indoors, in a car with partial shade, or outside under shade so the slight problem of not being bright enough doesn;t effect me on most occasions tho i dont have an oled screen which is a shame but i still love them. If the ipod touch 4g had a 3.5" oled id totally sell my current players and buy it.


As far as an IPS lcd has one of those ever been made into a very thin portable device is it even possible? What about power usage its gotta be atleast equal to or more then standard lcd what about response time for fast moving video still lacking.

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I suppose that for 'reality' (whatever that is), OLED is just not there yet. Those thinner colours are more representative of real colours in real life while the HDR-style OLED stuff is just... exactly what it sounds like: hyped up vibrancy. Eventually OLED will be as realistic as a good LCD; OR LCD's will go over to IPS 8-bit for handhelds an everything but size and battery life will be in favour of LCD for handheld devices. 


The new iPhone HD/4G is rumoured to be IPS and the iPad is also IPS. The thing is: the iPad still gets more than 10 hours of battery life when playing back video despite higher res and much larger IPS display. I'm all for advancement and if OLED catches up to the reality of a good IPS display, I'd take it, but for now, OLED displays things way too much toylike for me. 

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you forget other then size and bettery life there are some more advantages oled will always have, pixel response time and absolute black level and contrast ratio (due to the lower blacks).


I bet you are one of those people that link LCD tv's look better then plasma tv's too. thats a joke Plasma owns LCD in everything except vieweing in a brightly lit room but who watches movies and stuff in a bright ass room just close the curtains.


and i dont consider rich vibrant colors a negative. I think they look p-rettier then the "proper" neutral more washed out look of an LCD.

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I don't even watch TV - could care less for it. The plasma/LCD argument is simply out of my interest. But like I have said, a good IPS display is more accurate compared to OLED - if you need anything professional, the OLEDs are not there yet. When I talk about proper colours, I am comparing real life: a photograph or a real image in front of me: my bicycle for instance. A good OLED will look brighter than the real thing. The S9 for instance makes my bicycle look like a christmas tree and trust me, it isn't one. A few other OLED's also do the same thing. Again, if that is fixed, then I'll be happy to embrace. 


I care nothing for pixel response time as I just don't care for video - at all and if I did, I wouldn't bother wasting time watching/enjoying video on a handheld device; I'd enjoy it on a big screen or projector. I am into audio and graphics and OLED's don't cut it for graphics - not yet. 

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argh. Plasma TV's look like absolute garbage. Compared to a Full HD LCD or LED TV, a Full HD plasma looks like a poorly made, cheap HD LCD. 

I do believe LED TVs are brighter than what is actually present, but I believe this makes watching that movie or TV program even more fun. They look amazing.

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OLEDs don't need a backlight and as such are thinner. One way to make room for more battery is to reduce what's needed for the screen.


What else does the Touch need?  A new OS in my opinion. Settings for all apps get consolidated into the main settings app. Wanna change brightness when viewing a video? Pause, hit Home button, tap Settings, slide until you find display settings,  etc..

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^^ helpful. Yes, the OS needs to be have accessible settings - throughout. It is annoying to have to change between brightness levels out-of-app. I'd like something like Stanza's interface that allows a user to adjust brightness with a swipe - that would be rad.

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Originally Posted by stang View Post

Plasma TV's look like absolute garbage. Compared to a Full HD LCD or LED TV, a Full HD plasma looks like a poorly made, cheap HD LCD.

Bizarre statement.


In my (fairly considerable experience) a properly calibrated plasma wipes the floor with any LCD.

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