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Nah just kidding, good to see you are making amends and I hope that this whole fiasco can be resolved.

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Perhaps you should have proactively contacted him to make the necessary arrangements since you were the one at fault by mislabeling the product you were selling.  The fact that tomek never formally contacted you, and instead put your so-called "private" business in the hands of the community is your only crutch, and justification for your actions and behavior.  It's pathetic and immature, and I hope you take the necessary steps to resolve this matter.  That is all ..

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Hey were getting there. At least you are admitting to some wrong. I do not know how your mind works, but if you tell someone they are sealed from klipsch, they should be sealed from klipsch. Thats the bottom line and you have no right to retaliate saying that the only thing you did wrong was word it incorrectly. How else could he have taken that?


I have a feeling your were not intentionally trying to scam to get a higher price, but it still doesnt excuse what you did and you have to understand that. It shouldnt have to come down to the buyer emailing you--the product should have arrived to him as you described.


Intent, motorcycle accident, or anything else does not excuse the way you reacted. Sure, he could have emailed you directly but he chose not to and thats his right after he received the product not as described. Your proper response should have been an apology and polite offer to refund his money.

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Lordofvolume, I'd like to remind you that in fact I did email you prior to receiving the headphones asking if indeed, they were brand new as your original post suggested.  I then noticed that even though you were listing a pair of these headphones, you had sold a pair already which seemed fishy so I contacted the buyer and he expressed his disappointment as well that the item he received was not what it was stated to be.


When I asked you in the PM if I was getting a new pair of headphones in the box as you had described them in the public postings, you told me to relax and not worry and that I was getting a good deal.  Always this 'good deal' as if that makes it OK that you were dishonest.  I knew then that something wasn't right but I waited until I received.


When I finally got the headphones and they were in a ziploc bag and missing all the accessories, then yes, I did finally publicly post in that For Sale thread that I would not recommend you as a seller because you had clearly misled me and another user here with the same trick.  I hope that I saved a third person from this headache.



You have been very unapologetic and have acted immaturely and victimized, when it seems quite obvious by the response here that you are in the wrong.  People have been patient and suggested a means to resolving this matter but instead you attack me again just now and say that I can never be happy?  What nonsense!  I've bought and sold numerous headphones on this forum and I've never had a problem.  But then again, I've never dealt with someone so dishonest and immature.


What do you want now?  Who's smearing who?  You're the one insulting me in these posts when it's very, very clear that what you sold was not at all what you described.  It took you 6 pages of arguing and childish name-calling to finally admit that you might have made a mistake.  How many more will it take for you to offer some kind of resolution?  What about what Sovkiller wrote, that even refurbished Klipsch items should have included all the accessories?



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