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This has gone too far. you could have pm or emailed me.  I would have addressed your concerns, and given you your money back.  This is what I am saying.  As for exposing a scammer, uh dude I have been here longer than you,  I have sold things like grado sr 60,80,225, and the Allesandro ms2.  Not to mention a Gilmore lite amp, and a cmoy.   I respect this forum.  Its very wrong to call me or accuse me of being a scammer or a fraud.  I was trying to hook a few of you up.  I didn't try to steal or cheat anyone.  This has really gotten really retarded.  I can't believe how childlike some of you cats are being.  I have not denied anything, I offered an apology, and even left a window of time for mr. tomek to email or contact me about his problems.  If he wants an adapter he can certainly have the one I left out from Klipsch on accident or would even send him my x10i adapter.  Its gone way too far.  Wow.

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Originally Posted by lord of volume View Post

Can't win here so I give up trying to explain,  Didn't think about the company not sending them out new,  I always thought thats what big companies do, since the turnover was so fast.  I doubt they repair the same headphones.  So in essence I doubt that they would send you anything sub par.  But tested to perform as they should when they were purchased.  Thats a scary thought.  But hey thanks for the light.  Anyway.  What price would you sell them for?  The used ones on Ebay have exceed 165 cause you pay for shipping.  And those have been used by the seller.  I literally have not used them, EVER.  So I was not lying,  I just saw differently.   Its a different point of view, which is morally fine with me.  I didn't see it worded with malice or deception in play.  I was wrong and not wording it right.  I messed up.  Sorry.  It happens,  people make mistakes everyday.  I think some of you here are being a bit mean and not understanding.  But hey the tables turn on people that are this way.  It will happen to you some day.  Cause there is always someone out there that you won't be able to please no matter how you try.



First things first, finally a step in the right direction. Your ad stated that the IEMs are sealed in factory package. Someone earlier in this tread posted a picture of the Klipsch Image X-5 package, I received mine in a similar one, I still have it laying around somewhere, The Custom-3 shipped in the same exact packaging when I bought them, except for the color code was different. That's the sealed, factory packaged item we expect if you post no pictures and make no reference about an RMA serviced or returned product. In the original package once you open it you will find the pair of plugs with the medium single flange gels on them, three additional pair of different size single flange, a small and a large pair of double flange, adapters, cleaning tool and carrying case. A factory warranty returned pair of plugs won't include anything, and what if the person won't get a good seal with the medium single flange gels? He has to go to the Klipsch online store to buy them.One of the many reasons why you should have advertised your sale as unused, factory returned that does not include accessories, there would have been no this kind of reaction.I'm not sure about the price you can ask, $165-$190?, but make it clear that it's an RMA serviced item that wasn't used and it does not include accessories. There's not unusual to find a complete new package around $200 with factory warranty, in fact, Klipsch online store had a sale at one time I remember for half price($175). As for eBay, I would not compare that to this forum, you have to be very seasoned buying there to avoid getting scammed. Where you went wrong is your very first reply with your rants and accusations for being victimized, instead of apologizing and rectifying the problem right away. Personally I went this far to help you see what went wrong, maybe otherwise you a decent person and deserve another chance here, just learn from it.

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Thank you sir, for your time and thE benefit of the doubt. I will post pics soon. So everyone can see what they look like instead of useless bickering and speculation.
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It's too late baybeh oh yea it's just too late.
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Yeah, why are you posting pictures NOW?  After you've misrepresented the item, not included everything that was supposed to be included, and sold several pairs.


I'm contacting Paypal as suggested by one of the users here to file a complaint.


I've sold plenty of items on this forum, including Stax headphones and amps and when I did so I was very clear and honest about the condition of the items that I sent.  I think most people are and that it's an expectation here and that this community self-polices, like it is right now.

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This is nuts, good reason to never buy anything without photos I guess.

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The best action you can take right now to show this community your many times so called "good faith" (but still missing in action after 5 pages of going back and forth) is offering him, or better sending him the refund right that offer till now had never seen the light, instead of trying to get a solution that apparently has not been aceptable for the other party, nor understadable for us, and just avoid him (and you) the Paypal hassle...Just refund him right now...period...I he is decided to place the compaint with Paypal, you can rest assure that he will stop once he gets his money back, and in "good faith" save both the hassle and end all this "misunderstading" in a civilized way...and you will get your IEM back, and after that you can post them for sale again, and post pictures of what you are actually selling...


Good faith has only one way of being showed, have the customer fully satisfied...

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It's very unfair that you didn't try to contact me to resolve your issues. I would hav worked with you and instead you choose to act childish and go tell mommy. Wow impressive. Do as you please. Not one email from you. Think about this when it happens to you. Again in way shape or form am I trying to pull a scam. I have one set left , I explained how this all went down earlier in this thread. I love how everybody gangs up. Wow. Only reason I keep defending myself is because I am being called out for something I did not do. Would you back down? If you know in your heart and mind that you did not intend to mislead. I understand that I sawn clear enough but that does not make me a scammed. They are worth more than I was asking to give a good deal I went 10 lower than what was the going rate on eBay. Give me a break, l even offer a test drive. WTF gives?
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Originally Posted by Epsilonblah View Post

new as in with original packaging?

Originally Posted by lord of volume View Post

yes,  they are sealed from Klipsch.

You don't see a problem with this?

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well the way i see it guys if your not happy with what you got just return it for a refund and as for him saying they are sealed from klipsch i guess he meant he received his warantee return sealed from klipsch in a ziplock bag, i dont think he said sealed in box did he so in one way he didnt actually lie lol

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Originally Posted by bass-head View Post

well the way i see it guys if your not happy with what you got just return it for a refund and as for him saying they are sealed from klipsch i guess he meant he received his warantee return sealed from klipsch in a ziplock bag, i dont think he said sealed in box did he so in one way he didnt actually lie lol

Reread the post above you.

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Dude probably in your mind you didn't intend to mislead, (if you are telling the truth) but sorry to tell you that you did, and big time, and unless you settle this dispute like a gentleman, refunding his money, you will not be seen in any other way here...


BTW I have dealt directly with Mark in Klipsch, and with other guys there as well, in a very personal deal, and even being personal and Mark related, none of the items have been in any other condition than new and in the box, that cardboard box comes also in a plastic clear thick transparent box as well, and with all accessories, case, tip, tools, is more, my X5 were received before they were released to the market, the week after the meeting in which they were launched, and they did not even have the boxes printed at that time, and they used the box from the X10 to ship them to me, and explained that in an email...all accessories were included as well, I have replaced them several times due to cable issues, and same result, new in box... so that story of the ziploc, even for a replacement, sounds a little unusual to me as well...


My friend do yourself a favor, refund, and clean your image, sometimes is better to loose here and there, and gain in reputation...

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if the buyer opens a claim paypal will request item be sent back first before refunding, you cant just expect this guy no matter how wrong he was to just refund leaving the buyer with the money back and the earphones, best way to go with this is a claim and its safe for both parties involved

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while that is true in a sense (with ebay transactions) it might not be in this instance.  We need to know if the buyer marked the payment as a gift or if he purchased goods.  Many head-fi'ers (albiet legitimate ones and not dishonest ones like the one at issue here) will often give incentives to pay and mark it as a gift.  If the buyer opens a dispute and had marked it as a gift, he is going to be SOL with paypal.


Seller, you do realize that your reputation is as good as gone right now.  I really hope you clear your image and just work out a refund with the buyer, maybe 1/2 before sending and the remaining 1/2 when you get your headphones back.  Honestly, i am really hoping for a just resolution here, because integrity of the buyers is our only safeguard on these forums, and there are very big dollar items changing hands frequently

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Again this guy has yet to email me directly once.  He totally started pointing fingers and blowing this way out of perportion, when indeed it could have been handled in a decent and fast manner.  Instead he opens up a war on here.  I stand behind my word.  And like I have said over and over again.  I will post pics,  I also asked for the guy to email me and nothing except dragging me through the mud.  This is the type of guy that no matter what you do, is going to be unhappy.  If anything is apparent, don't do biz with Tomek cause he will just bitch and not handle things in a civil and private matter.  The biz was between him and I, not all of head fi.  I have admitted to wording it wrong, and sometimes I lose track of thought because of the head injury I sustained in the Motorcycle crash I had (rear ended at 65mph)  I have zero interest in making people look bad and have had nothing but positive experiences here over the years.  I too put my faith in stuff bought here,  some of it let me down due to the hype (ie. Grado stuff)  The x10 gave me what I wanted without the amp.  And now I have the x10i which has the mic.  I dig that more.  I will post nice high rez photos as soon as I find our camera among the 15 or so boxes left to unpack.   

   I also made a mistake in getting upset and being a jerk back to Tomek.  Which I think is what stirred the hornets nest.  Oh well.  Lesson learned, which is don't feed into negative comments.  Take time to write a well thought out ad and post pictures so that the buyer knows EXACTLY what they are getting.  Oh yeah and never do biz with Tomek ( just kidding man, relax)  May the force be with you,  and pics to come soon.  Just to show this isn't some scam or whatever Tomek might think it is.  He got the real deal.  he thought new in the box,  I should have said new from RMA warranty and not ever used by me at all.  That would have saved this 6 page thread from being six pages and if Tomek had contacted me in a proper fashion instead of trying to smear me.  Oh well, live and learn.  

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