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OK so how many pairs left and price.


Quick quiz.  The headphones are in ?


a. brown paper bag

b. baggie

c. sealed manufacturer's package

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D. a white box from Klipsch.  


As for Judge Judy, that would be awesome!  As for how many?  Just one set.  I will post pics after my move to Los Angeles is over.  We have been packing all day,  not everything fit, have to rent another U haul trailer and then move it all in.  Ugggghhhh!!! Moving sucks!  but I will post asap.  Werd....

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Good luck on your move. I know how that is.

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Hi, I'm back from vacation and am glad to see this thread got some attention.


LordofVolume, I think there is very little room for confusion in the language you chose to use to describe these headphones.  Mine were neither sealed, nor in any original packaging.  If they were refurbished, that's FAR from being brand new and sealed.


I'm sorry, I find the way that you're defending yourself here only detracts any credibility you may have had.  You can't sell something as brand new, and then when it's not, call us stupid for not appreciating a 'great deal'.  How do I know these are new, or even original Klipsch headphones if they come in an opened ziploc bag?  A 'great deal' would have been you selling me what you actually advertised.


Why don't you put your money where your mouth is and take these headphones back from me?  Paypal me and I'll gladly send them back.  Otherwise, I suggest that you get off this forum because in the years that I've been a member of this community I've grown to trust users who give honest descriptions of their equipment and be intelligent enough to discern between brand new sealed in a box and a little ziploc bag missing all accessories such as bag, adapter, etc.  Go back to eBay if you need to scam people to make a quick buck.


I'm sorry, but how can I request that this user be blacklisted?  How many users did he cheat with his 'one pair of brand new X10s'?   Can someone please second this request?



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i dont think that lord necessarily was trying to scam. But leaving out info on a product and describing it in a way that is false- is deceit which = a scam. The lords lack of humbleness and empathy just furthers the impact of his credibility, or should I say lack of. Especially since he acted in a aggresivve run of the mill, deceptive, two timing crook way of "what you should be happy its a good deal". Not sure if action should be taken such as blacklisting the guy- I just know that I would never consider buying something off him.

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I would want the amount refunded as well. Good luck
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I'm with you tomek he obviously has a source that he's getting these from. Maybe refurbs maybe boots I don't know all he had to say was hey I'm getting these cheap and passing them on to make a few dollars,that's cool but just come clean that's all I'm saying. Or if you bought 3 or 4 sets of x10's show us some receipts,some boxes,RMA numbers from Klipsch. Something
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Why not just take pictures of it and say something like "what you see in the pictures is what you get"? It would have saved alot of trouble...

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Rip N' Burn:  Obviously because he was trying to make a quick buck and was being dishonest.  He never advertised having several pairs and he definitely described the item incorrectly even after people asked very specific questions like 'Brand new as in original packaging?'.


And suddenly he's very silent...surprise surprise...

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never knew for sale forum be filled with all this drama and action.....

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Scamz0rz around every corner...

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Originally Posted by lord of volume View Post

Uh dude thats cause they were not,  as for adapter you got that, no cases yes, but they are x10's and the real deal.  If you do not like them then say so, but its not because of me,  I didn't make them, Klipsch does, maybe you don't like the sound of them.  Not all headphones sound the same.   I never put a "ziploc bag, thats not how Klipsch sent them to me.  You got them the exact way they were sent to me.  Other accessories that they should have come with? like what?  the case?  you got all the different sizes of earpieces, flanges etc..,  cleaning tool.  I put an adapter in there,  and the 1/8 to 1/4 adapter.  What where you expecting in that box for half the price you would have paid for "brand new".  I couldn't fit Carmen Electra in there.  Sorry dude.  If you where that unhappy then you could have sent them back or let me know that you were "missing" things.  I am not bordering on any lies.  they are what they are and nothing else.  X10's at a cheap prices for those who are old enough to understand that if they are used but in like new condition, than that means exactly that.  Not something you have made up in your mind.  Be real dude.  I am giving a great deal.  Just cause you don't like them cause they were not in a Brand new box is really retarded and unfair to me that you couldn't talk to me directly about your concerns, I would have been more than happy to work with you.  At this point you are using slander which is not legal.  So you need to check yourself before you start deeming me on a "borderling lie"  thats pure BS.


Moderater please....


Just to add my two cents here: Your ad says  the item is new, factory packaged. No mention anywhere of RMA returned item and whether Amy Unger or Marc Blanchard from Kilpsch personally put them in a zip locked bag, it does not make them a factory packaged item by any means! I was always curious about the x-10 sound and the reason I don't have a pair yet is the price, so when I saw this ad I was about to PM you, then I saw all this. And yes, based on what you advertised I indeed would expect a brand new pair of IEMs in the retail box unopened and all accessories included, most of us familiar with the retail packaging Klipsch IEMs are marketed. For $170, the person did not get a spectacular deal and by all means he deserves more than an apology, like for instance full refund! That's my opinion

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PS:  I didn't get any adapter in the package.  When can I expect that and will it be from Radioshack?

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Don't count on the op doing any heroics any time soon.

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Originally Posted by tomek View Post

PS:  I didn't get any adapter in the package.  When can I expect that and will it be from Radioshack?

glad to see you're taking this cr@p with a bit of humor, but seriously, perhaps the OP should send a formal apology or perhaps, a full refund

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