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actually for $50 i will consider the h1. steggy, could you please post the dpci?



nevermind, i got the dpci already. i hope this thing is good! well, i could always return it. just wondering though, i can get the dr-08 for not much more. bewteen the two, which would you guys choose?

unless the yamha is just simply better. that can be had for $160. it seems that is all there is this size.



edit2: still looks like the dr-08 suits my needs the best. i hope it sounds as good as i have read. sos said the dr2d is much quiter but some posters disagree. the dr2d is too big for me anyways. plus tascam is a real audio compnay with firmware updates etc. i just saw yamaha offers almost no online support. the yamaha is a little bigger, the h1 much bigger. plus the movable mics is a big deal. the mics on something like this should not be that close together for optimal results imo. i do realise it is xy. however the dr-08 can do a lot more than just xy. i really don't know i guess i will just have to try some of these.

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guys, i am going to buy tomorrow. it is between the tascam dr-08 and dr-2d. if anyone wnats to steer me in either direction......




edit: ok figured it out for myself. the dr-08 and the dr2d have nearly identical s/n and thd(real,not what tascam states). the dr-08 is much smaller,easier to use,has omni,x-y and others!

sos says the dr2d sounds "much better" but they are a rag like stereophile if you know what i mean. the fact is, i expect anything like this in this price range to be rather limited in the quality dept.

on the other hand the olympus is small and has much better real world performance. however, i cannot snag that for nothing and there is probably a reason why.

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got the dr2d. it is not as small as i wanted but so far i am very happy with the performance. the dr-08 was too flimsy to even bother trying it. i have to wonder about pro-audio gear they sell at bb. even though i know the olympus is plenty good. the zoom stuff i would have no interest in due to it's build quality.

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