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Hey Head-Fi, can I get your opinions?

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Whatsup guys.

I've never ventured into the realm of IEMs before, so I'm quite worried and confused lol. I'm still using the ipod earbuds for on the go listening which torques me off. I don't like to use the AD700, DT770 or DJ1 Pro for mobile listening because of multiple reasons. 1) Cords are roughly 9 feet long lol. 2) Too big 3) I look like a wack-job.

I would like some suggestions for good entry level IEMs. Roughly like first timer full sized headphones such as HD555 - AD700. I heard MetroFi 170 are great, and at $40 you can't go wrong. Any other suggestions please? Thanks guys!

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Ok let me add some more info.

They will be unamped, directly out of 1st gen Ipod Touch. I listen to literally everything but country. Alot of hip hop, alternative and electronic.

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Well, the AD700 is supposed to have pretty mellow bass. So I'm not afraid of recommending the RE0 to you. $79 ($84 after shipping, for me at least), but that money buys you a lot of IEM. I'm continuously growing more impressed with the detail these dish out for the size and price.


Then again, they won't go well with hip-hop and electronic. I can see them working for alternative though.

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Whoa those look pretty sweet. Thanks for the recommendation. I was honestly just listing a few entry level full sized cans and was asking for opinions on similar IEMs. I see from reviews that like you said they would be good for alternative. Unfortunately the majority of my listening is directed towards hip hop so I do like to have a relatively prominent bass. That's primarily why I replaced my AD700 with DT770/80. Thanks again though, would love any other suggestions.

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i'm gonna go "old school" and recommend the jvc marshmallows


if they are to your liking, getting/doing the shure e2c orange foam replacements would also help!


plus, they go for roughly ~$10... so you cant go totally wrong here...

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My mom actually purchased the Marshmallows and hated them. I listened to them myself and was a bit disappointed. I know exactly what you're saying though, killer for $10. I just want a better grade pair of IEMs. They really lacked any sort of sound stage, I found the bass was present but sounded uncontrolled. They were comfortable though! haha, thanks again for the suggestion though I really appreciate it.

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theres that deal on amazon for a $60 Superfi 5 vi you can check that out. the link in all over this board

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I just saw those and I'm close to buying them. Anyone have experience with these? Do they have a nice open sound with prominent bass?


Also would it just be better to go with the metro-fi 170s? they are $40, is the $20 difference noticeable? Again i have ZERO experience with IEMs. Thanks guys

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Well the Superfis are normally $100 more on amazon. Im not sure if the superfis have more bass but the sound quality will definitely be better and cleaner.

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Is this deal today only? If so then unfortunately I'll have to miss out on it.

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I don't know anything about that deal but that's a killer price from all I've read.

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Turbine, CKS90, Brainwavz M2, EX500, C710 and FX500..........

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Thanks for even more suggestions. Currently I don't want to spend over $100 as I just purchased the DT770/80 along with two new games ($300 down D:) That's why I was looking at the metro-fi, $40 is nice and those super fis look incredible for $60. I think if the deal is still going on tomorrow I'll order them. But who knows. Anyone have experience with the superfi 5 that could tell me if they fit my musical preference? Thanks!

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Super Fi 5 I imagine will work well. I am judging from having only SF4 myself though. Otherwise, I'd look into Fischer Audio Silver Bullet - they are balanced with great quality and quantity of bass.

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