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My WA6SE arrived home battered and broken (bought from another Head-fi'er)... - Page 8  

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Does someone have a photo of this guy from the meet he attended? 


Maybe posting it will increase the pressure for him to do the right thing.

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Do we have any followers of Voodoo in the forum?

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^ +10


Does someone have a photo of this guy from the meet he attended? 


Maybe posting it will increase the pressure for him to do the right thing.

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USPS will want to see the actual packaging and at least a photo of the damage to the amp. Then they will likely say that the packaging was inadequate, and not labeled/declared as "fragile". So please don't wait for any kind of resolution from them, as I doubt that would EVER happen. Too much $ is at stake here to accept any delays.

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If you haven't already filed a claim do it now. There is too much money at stake here and also this is not a time to be a nice guy and wait to possibly hear more excuses. Also call your credit card company and do a charge back. Lastly, I didn't look at the images earlier but make sure you take pictures, keep them and make sure the pics have the date on them in case you need proof.


Don't wait, let the seller stall or give excuses. Take action now and get your money back.

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Be sure to keep the box and packing materials too.

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...I know a lot of you are wondering why I was not filing a paypal claim right away... well, there was a perfectly good reason for this.


And many of you can learn from this experience for your future transactions here, or anywhere else.


The Paypal claim/buyer protection here in North America DOES NOT cover "Significantly Not As Described" items purchased OUTSIDE OF EBAY, and you can only legitimately claim "Not Shipped" items.  Yes.  Appaling but true.  You can dispute, yes, but your CLAIM request will be pretty much denied automatically more or less immediately.  As a matter of fact, I just tried it out of curiousity without much hope or expectation (really had no other option...), and sure enough I got a automated rejection email within a minute.  Yup.  Now, this apparently does NOT extend to Paypal UK users who have apparently amended their policies so that you DO Have protection for SNAD items purchased outside of ebay. But here in North America, people are out of luck in this matter.


There are a lot of stories on this on the net already.  You can try to google "paypal protection for items purchased outside of ebay" for more information on why Paypal here essentially leaves you unprotected. 


Double whammy on my part is that I did not fund this sale through Credit Card.  I did it through my chequing account, so I cannot do a chargeback or anything either.  Yup.  Painful and possibly (likely) costly lesson on my end...


So please, all buyers from this forum, and anywhere else on the internet for that matter, please be aware of these following points... learn from this painful experience... especially for expensive items:


- NEVER use Paypal for non-ebay purchases.  You have basically no protection if the item is damaged for whatever reason.

- If you HAVE to use Paypal then make it payable with a credit card instead of directly from chequing account.

- ALWAYS look for a local sale first... or better yet, just go directly to the actual retailer.


... I am just very frustrated and hopeless at this point.  The seller has been very inattentive with all this thus far, and although he says he has legitimate reasons for not being so, I DO NOT think it is unreasonable to ask him to at least reply within a DAY.  He has failed to even do that.  Here, on this open forum, I'm giving him one more chance to show himself to this thread and explain himself and save his reputation.  I will wait until 9:00 PM EST today.  If not, I will go on to post the PM's of the past conversation.  Not gonna be responsible for whatever that will happen after that.


I have very little hope for this now... just tired with this whole process now.  Not enjoying this hobby much anymore due to all the stress from this... and honestly, a hobby shouldn't be like this...

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it's really unfortunate and my heart bleeds for ya, as useless as this comment is, I wish I could help in some way, but I'm in no position to; and again, hope things get sorted.

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K-19,i am a bit confused of what the seller wants now. can you explain what the arrangment he made with you?


he is waiting for usps to call you so that he can get the $650,and then what?will he repair the amp and send it to jack and then send it back to you when it is repaired?is that right?

EDIT:i just gathered some informations from your post two pages ago.

Honestly,if the seller wont help you you are stuck with the amp.The best thing i can think of right now is take the seller's number and talk to him on the phone and see what will can be done FROM HIS PART TO COMPENSATE YOU.

Also call jack and email him the pics so that he can have a good idea of the cosmetic damage and left channel not working.

very sad for you really because of how good and expensive the woo amps are;(

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One word: lawsuit.  Sue the prick in a small claims court. 

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I have to stop reading this thread (like that's gonna happen)  It's making my blood boil!!!  Seriously, this whole thing is very upsetting. To the seller, I hope you get screwed!!!

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Do we have any followers of Voodoo in the forum?

I can donate a chicken foot. 


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I have sold many high end pieces over the last ten years mostly on audiogon. It is the seller responsibility to pack and ship the goods properly. I do hope he insured full amount. If he did not then I would make sure on this forum this guy won't sell. If he is not trying to resolve this I would report negative feedback now and do see if paypal can recoup your money. If so  then tell him he can have back the broken amp if he pays shipping and the duty money. This sucks and as a seller I would always make sure my customer is satisfied. That is why my feedback is 100 percent positive on Audiogon. I just sold my vinyl rig and 605 albums and I had a guy who wanted me to ship to Cananda, I turned down his offer because I knew there could be a potential problem if I shipped. Logic plays a good role in buying or selling goods. Sorry about your problem and hope it works out.

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This is a black day for the for sale forums on Head-fi. I know I will not be able to even browse the for sale forums without thinking of this, because evidently this seller had a high post count and good feedback as well. The buyer should link to this thread in his NEGATIVE feedback post for sure.

Platitudes aside, I hope the seller makes it right or suffers greatly for it somehow

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Well I guess you haven't been here too long grokit. These things do happen and some of the best scammers (best as in those who have stolen the most) on head-fi have been those who have been here a while and had thousands of posts. A good amount of them were MOT's however.


Hopefully you get your money back K_19. It's never fun being the victim when so much money is involved.

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I've contacted the seller and am closing this thread for now.

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