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A strain relief is a bit of (usually) molded rubber around the end of a cable that prevents it from twisting at unnatural angles. Crappy pic:




A cable cinch is a little slider above the y-split of a cord present on most earphones. Another crappy pic:



Memory character is the property of a cable to maintain the shape it was placed in. The shape of a cord with no memory character is very easy to change. With the ViSang earphones if you loop the cord and put it in a case, it will still be looped when you take it out and may take some time to straighten out. 


The plug on the Mp4nation models is indeed a little better but at the cost of strain reliefs that have been reported to come loose (on the M2) or no strain relief at all (on the M1). As for the FA Genesis, noone knows much about it. It's a newly-announced successor to the well-known Eterna and there's a pic of it on Fischer Audio's site and that's about it.

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Thank you again for your time.really educational.


I must think now.

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M6. good for the price. Excellent durability. Good versatile phones,

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If you're looking for enhanced bass, RHA give very good options. The RHA 600 is quite bassy but if your prepared to spend a tad buy more, the 750s offer an experience miles better.
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Originally Posted by MusicMania View Post

Hello all,
    This is my first post here, in your website and I'm glad to say that your site and your threads are really detailed, helpful and comprehensible (to some extent) by anyone [no matter if he is a specialist or just a person who's interestred in buying such an IEM (me) ]. Well, as the title of my thread "states" I'm searching for IEMs that cost $60-$75. Of course I have a lot of choises but firstly I need your ideas 'cuz I know NOTHING about IEMs apart from some generalities, secondly 'cuz I do NOT live in USA so I will have my IEMs shipped to my country and for some IEMs the cost for the shipping is high enough! Oh, also, I prefer IEMs with enhanced Bass...


EDIT: Sorry for my english redface.gif

I recommend:
Narmoo S1

Both are the best enhanced bass IEM in the price category.
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Philips TX2/ TX1 is 2 of the best under 50$

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As far as actual IEMs (flat response musicians' in ears), MEEAudio M6 Pro, no contest unless you want to spend $150+. For just good hi-fi type enhanced sound (not for music production/monitoring), the Sennheiser Momentum IE2. They have punchy, tight bass that doesn't wash out other frequencies. If they are too bassy (which I doubt they will be), Brainwavz S3. The S3 have a pretty flat frequency response that's been enhanced for pleasurable listening. If you need more bass than the Momentums, the Klipsch R6i. They are the bassiest in ears ive ever heard, but they still maintain decent clarity. If you want a middle ground between the momentums and the r6i, the Beats Tour2. I know people hate beats, and its understandable, however their second generation of products are decently priced and are much more balanced than earlier generations. These are my daily drivers because they are more comfortable and stay in my ears better than the momentums. While I think the momentums sound a bit better, these are my pick as best overall package in this price range for enhanced, colored listening.

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