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UE 10 pro for sale, NIB

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I bought these headphones on the "flip."  Meaning I did not get the Amazon deal, but the person I bought them from did.


I decided not to open these and instead stay with my UE 11 customs and Etys.  Yea, I'm being an IEM hog.  I realized that, and I have to sell them.


$170 (PayPal ok) + shipping.  I prefer CONUS at the moment.


UE 10 Pro


Edit:  Someone thought these were customs, from Amazon.  Hmmm, to be clear these are the triple fi's.  I'd change the title, but don't know how.

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hi i am interested do drop me an pm however it would be out of usa i am from singapore

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The Amazon sale was for the TF10.  Is that what you're talking about?  There's a difference between a TF10 and a UE10.

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Actually it's the same, only different names. All UE 10 pro are customs. TF10 has two names: triple fi 10 and triple fi 10 pro

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A TF10 is not a UE10.  The UE10 is a custom that costs twice as much as a TF10.

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