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My entire balanced system is up for sale.  I am moving to NY in a few months and changing professions so looking to free up cash as I might not be making money for a year or two.  I havent had a chance to use my system once in the last 8 months so it needs to go.


I am currently located in Downtown Chicago, and would prefer any potential buyers coming to CanJam this weekend pick it up rather than have me ship it out, but I also do not mind shipping everything as well.



Pictures to come........


Here is what is for sale :



1.  Little Dot MKIV (w/quieter fan upgrades) and stock tubes.  Purchased 1 year ago from Little Dot.  (I paid $750 shipped)


2.  TADAC DAC (straight tube output for single ended, and I had the DAC upgraded by Paul G. to replace the op-amps with 2 Moon HDAMs).  Purchased 14 months ago from Tube Audio Design, original owner. (I paid $1300 for DAC, 2 HDAMs, and labor for Paul G. to install them himself and not void the warranty)


3.  HD650 – with original box, minor peeling by headband, original owner, (400 hours) (I paid $300)


4.  Matched pair of Mullard/Adzm EC55 (200 hours) (I paid $200)


5.  Hand Matched pair of Mullard 12AU7s Platinum grade for TADAC (I paid $134 for them from Upscale Audio, will provide receipt).   (60 hours)


6.  1 Pair RCA blackplates 12AU7 (I paid $40)


7.  1 Pair Sylvania 6SL7 GT (300 hours) (I paid $30)


8.  1 pair Balanced Straight Wire Encore IIs (I paid $150)


9.  Upgraded Power Cords for MkVI and TADAC (forgot which ones they are, nothing special, but I paid $70 and $50 for them respectively)


10.  Woo Audio Headphone Stand ($30)


11.  I also have an upgraded HD650 headphone cable from Rick Warren Audio (Valued at $150 - $200.  This was given to me as a gift from Rick for a favor I did for him.)



I am the original owner for everything listed except the Mullard EC55 which I got with about 60hours on them. 


Total I paid for everything was just a little over $3000.  First reasonable offer for the entire package gets it all


I am willing to break it up into pieces if no one is interested in purchasing the whole package so please PM me your offers. 


My prized possesion is the TDAC DAC (nothing I have heard comes close or as fun to listen to).  I am willing to sell the entrie package without the DAC as well.


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