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Life's is too short to not try things out. As such, one can say: life's is too short to not to troll 


But actually, that line about earphones, is very similar to the Monster's line. Ok, found it. This is the Monster's line: Life is Too Short to Listen to Bad Headphones


Man he could be sued for copying people's line .


But anyway, if one listens to enough good music, one should have a clear preference of what kind of earphones one should get. Of course, there must be time spent on doing some research. Most people are just too lazy to do so.

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true, but how could he know what "punchy" or "clear" means without trying some cheaper pairs and seeing the difference. The OP presumably hasn't listened to anything other than iBuds, so when he says punchy he may mean thumping, or fast, or something to that effect. If we start him on a pair of skullcandies, explain what kind of sound comes out of them, set him up with another, drastically different pair, then explain the differences traditionally heard, he would have a better idea as to what he wants. When I bought my first IEM, I didn't know what I wanted or how much bass I really wanted, and I assumed extra bass meant that the earphones had an average, relatively flat bas response because of my experience with bargain headphones.

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When you let some bud persons, borrow sets of earphones with decent three way crossovers for a full week.  I can’t see any of them going back voluntarily.


ffdpmaggot View Post and when your earphone history is equal to iBuds, and nothing, you have no concrete opinions, you have no definite tastes, you can't tell what you like, nor can you give examples,

The untrained ear may not find any audible difference between the top-tier, 3-way crossover systems.  But they can sure tell the difference between three way, and one way.


so he would end up with an audiophile earphone, and be miserable because very few people like the analytical sound of most audiophile headphones 
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All of these terms refer to distortion.  The idea is to try not to get the music twisted out of shape.  An ebud-trained listener will not hear any distortion at all coming from any decent three-way crossover system.



Originally Posted by ffdpmaggot View Post  how could he know what "punchy" or "clear" means


So I would think the goal should be, to get them as close to that transparent sound as they can almost afford, and not get hung up on the “signatures of coloration.”

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Yes, but certain people, e.g. most of the population dislike the analytical sound from audiophile earphones. The OP only knows the sound from ibuds in the field of earphones, he might not want a pair of analytical earphones, and may prefer a bassier, punchier sound. True, a three way crossover system is far better than iBuds, but if he doesn't have the right files, and he wants more bass coloring etc. he could get screwed. So I'd advise him to try skull candy, then some senns, then some shures. Then he could get back to us with a better understanding of what he wants.

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Rina678, not be confrontational but you have posted what amounts to SPAM twice (since your posts are out of context to the threads they have appeared in) out of all your 7 posts. This site is for people serious about head-fi gear that like to discuss it and help others. If your intent is to flog and what appears to be fake products please refrain from doing so. If your indeed actually buying stuff like this, you need to realize that your not really getting your moneys worth buying fakes.

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