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Best earphone for $120??

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My friend's apple earphone broke, and he wants a upgrade from the iBuds. He mainly listen to Pop, Rock, but other genres too. He wants something with nice punchy bass, but not sacrificing too much highs. Any suggestions? the more suggestions the better because some brands are not available in my country.

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I would suggest the IE7 for somewhere near that price.

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klipsch custom 3 @ around $130

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Originally Posted by lucozade View Post

klipsch custom 3 @ around $130

x2. For rock, pop, and a great all-rounder, the KC3 really can't be beat.

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try look up the new Senns bud, seems lots of people lovin them...

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x2 on the ie7

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In what country are you located?  Some of the suggestions listed may not be appropriate due to price or availability based on where you live.  Also, does your friend have a budget?

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Isnt the microphonics on the KC3 horrible? Out of everything mentioned, id say IE7

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um1.jpg  You can find UM1 stage monitors for about a hundred.

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Crossroad woody 2 from jaben, those has pretty good amount of bass. Hippo VB is pretty good too, though the woody 2 has a more lush sound due to the wood. They are priced at 99 and 79 respectively i think.

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2 IE7

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Where do the IE7's sell for the lowest price?? And reliable too

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x2 for RE0

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