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32GB Cowon J3 import question

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If you import this from Korea is the players menus and such gonna be in Korean and not english?

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While I do not have first hand experience, my therefore unqualified guess would be that the firmware installed ought to be the Korean one. Even if the firmware is Korean, there should be the option of choosing English language. If it is set to Korean it is "only" a matter of navigating to right place and change from Korean to English.

I have got a Kenwood DAP bought here in Japan where I live during this year. It was used and (of course) set to Japanese. I am in the early intermediate stages of studying Japanese, so where I could not understand what it said (a lot of places), I could at least guess and find the correct menu and change the language.


Anyone with first hand experience might want to chip in?

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it would suck to have to guess to change it

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I think that since it is a Korean release, it should be set to Korean.

Perhaps the sellers could change the language setting to English. But then the player would not be "untouched" when you received it...

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I recently imported a 32GB Cowon S9 (think the J3 should be pretty similar to the S9), and the menu was in Korean. Yeah it sucks to be clueless as to how to change the language (think I probably would have easily spent a couple of hours to figure that out), but all I needed was to see the a picture of the english version of the menu (layout is the same) to figure it out.

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The J3 32GB is now for sale and in stock (not preorder) at JetMall!!

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