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Your most used IEM and why?

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Even though many of you guys have very high-end IEM's, Which ones do you use daily and why?

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Soundmagic PL30. Even though I now recognise their sonic limitations after getting various more expensive IEM's, the PL30's are still by far the most comfortable IEM Ive used and are great for extended use in my physical line of work, they seem very durable and sound pretty damn good for the price.

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its smooth, clear and most of all its gentle on the ears. 

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TF10 - preferred sound signature and comfortable, shallow fit.

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TF10 - with Rockbox EQ, none of my others can beat it.

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Even though many of you guys have very high-end IEM's. Which ones do you use daily and why?

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At work I use PFE using yellow Shure foamies (they look the least geeky IMO). At home I've been using Monster Coppers in bed for their high comfort(with foam) and good isolation. I use Ortofon for pure listening enjoyment.

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dtx100, nice sound, very comfy, built like mini tanks.

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Shure SE 110


I work out, run, and play stick and puck a lot.  This is durable, stays in place and mostly water resistant.

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Shure E500 comfort and sweet mids.
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FX-700. Sounds great.

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The Westone 3 are the best all round IEMs for me.  They have an energetic, "fun" sound signature, low microphonics for walking, and good isolation.

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Not the overall best sounding IEM I own, but its unique sound signature just mesmerizes me, so right now it's the Radius DDM.

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Well I don't have nearly as many earphones as some other members here do but typically it varies. I use my CK10 and e-Q7 pretty evenly in terms of hours put on them. I usually stick to one earphone for a couple days and then switch unless I want a certain kind of sound during the day. If forced to choose I would pick up the CK10 however.

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Headdirect RE0


Because it's the only good sounding IEM I own and probably will own untill they break, yeah being a student sucks.

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klipsch custom 3 used to be my main every day phone than it changed to the coppers and now its the SM3 and i can not see that changing any time soon

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