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Headphone Recommendations?

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hello everyone

im looking for a pair of headphones under £100.

i like bassy? music like dubstep, RnB, hip hop. there doesnt have to be a tonne of isolation but i would prefer if there isnt  alot of leakage. i will be mostly using them for music at home on an iphone and on my computer. i may occasionally use them for gaming but thats not as important. from the research i have done so far, im liking the shure SRH750DJ, ultrasone HFI 580 and the ultrasone DJ1s, how would they be for my musical preference?

im not an audiophile so chances are anything that i do buy will impress me either way, i might buy an amp like a fiio e5, if it improves sound then why not.

thanks for reading and any recommendations.

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  Sorry it took so long for you to get a response.


Welcome to Head-Fi.



Having similar music preferences, I can safely say that Ultrasones do a fantastic job with trance, dnb, techno, and bass heavy music. They are really hard to beat for the genres you listed. I haven't tried the Shures you listed so I won't comment on those.


Not quit the guy to ask about amps though but I felt the 780s I auditioned were well driven from my netbook so I'm not sure how much amping will help. Maybe look at something like a Cmoy if you want a small amp.

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thanks alot

would you know whether the DJ1 pro is worth the extra £30 instead of the DJ1?

cheers for the help.

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These links might help. I remember reading something about the differences here. I think it's just a cable or something like that. http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/304005/ultrasone-dj1-dj1pro-thread


I've also heard there isn't much difference in sound between the DJ1 and HFI-580.


Hope this helps!

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DJ1 pro is a good choice .

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Originally Posted by kinghook View Post

DJ1 pro is a good choice .

They are for bassyheads since they have an aggressive bass response. 

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I currently have the DJ1 Pros and they would fit your needs perfectly. They're actually for sale. Honest to god I used them twice, maybe three times so they're still brand new.

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I have owned numerous Ultrasone headphones, I listen to the same type of music as you and I would recommend the Pro 650.  I'm currently using the edition 8 and Pro 900 which are definitely better headphones, but don't have that deep sub bass that the 650 has, which is why im considering buy a pair again (i sold them).


I really don't think you will be dissapointed with the 650..  It's definitely a step up from the dj1 in terms of quality and close to Ultrasones higher end headphones.

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I agree, after I purchased the DJ1 Pro I was sort of disappointed - hence why I'm selling them. They just don't suit my personal preferences, I don't DJ and I could have chosen other models that would have suited me better. The Hfi 780s are revered, and the Pro 650s aren't talked about often but my buddy loves the hell out of them.

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I agree. If you can get ahold of one of the Pro models within your price range I'd go for that. From my experience (with 780 and Pro750) I found the 750 to be all around more refined, not quite as aggressive in the bass response but with a smoother treble. IIRC it has a little less bass quantity and bass impact though the quality is better.

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is there a difference between the ultrasone PROline 650 and the PRO 650? they look different.

i can find the PRO's for £185 which is pretty expensive and the proline's which are £140

i guess i could save for a proline but £185 for me is too much.

thanks for all the feedback

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The Proline is the previous model of the 650 while the Pro is the newer model. As far as I know there aren't any sonic differences between the two but I could be wrong on that.

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I've never had the chance to compare both, you can go to headphone.com and make a freq graph to compare them. 

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