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Sennheiser px200 vs px200-II

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My faithful px200 give up the ghost and i wonder if the px200-II really sound better or it's just an upgrade of the look ?

Thank you. 

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The PX200 were my first non stock headphones, and I used to like them a lot back then. But the right driver failed so I bought a PX100 and I found them to be much better. But I got fed up of tthe PX100 being open, so recently I acquired the 200-II, and I found them to be quite a bit better than the PX100 (and let alone the PX200). They have a surprisingly big headstage for such a small and closed headphone, the bass is very tight and clear, and the highs are relaxed.


So bottom line IME, compared to the original PX200 I found them to be a big improvement, they have more and better bass, bigger headstage, and it is a lot easier to get a better seal which makes getting their optimum sound a lot easier than with their predecessor, and to top it all the build quality and cable are also a significant upgrade. 

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I used to have PX100 and PX200 (old models) and now I have both PX100-II and PX200-II. While to my ears PX100-II are a step back from the old open model, the PX200-II are a big improvement., way better than the old ones.




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Thank you guys 

But reassure me, bass are not too loud on the px200-II ?

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Even though they have more (and better) bass than the PX200, it is far away from being a bassy headphone, it is a tight and pretty nice bass and in fact it has much less mid bass than the PX100, which is bloated and very bassy in comparison.

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Just as Roger Strummer said: PX200-II are not bass heavy headphones. They have a tight and punchy sound, but the bass is definitely not too much.


Best Regards


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I have used px200 and  PX200-II.I think px200 is better than  PX200-II

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what did you like in the series I? Those were pretty bad IMO. Could anything be worse than those?

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