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Ming DA MC84 C07

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Ming DA MC84 C07


This is a great way to get a tube headphone amp for a great deal.  It functions as a regular integrated tube amp with speaker outputs as well as a headphone amp.  Awesoem soundstage and separations as well as plenty of power.  I powered Senheisser 600’s.


I am including the stock tubes as well as the following tubes (so no need to upgrade tubes and hunt for the right ones):


2 RCA 5751 tripple mica black plates


1 Westinghouse em87, and


2 RCA 6bq5s gray plates


As you can see from the photos this amp is mint.  $375 plus shipping.  I have one feedback here as well as 100% on Audiogon (Tigerwoodkhorns).


I can email photos. 



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Another picture.  P5290570.JPG

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Photo os binding posts and back per request.  P6030573.JPG

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Interested but need to know where you are located...

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I sent you a PM. 

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Still available. 

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I am assuming this has been sold long ago, though I am interested if it is still available.

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