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Long time since last Toronto meet?

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So... I've been away from Toronto for quite a while and looking back some pages, I haven't seen a Toronto meet for ages, time for a new one yet? :)


As I have zero experience organizing these, I'd ask one of the more experienced members to organize it.  For incentive, as I've done in the past, to help pay for the meet, I will raffle off one of my builds - this time it'll be a Starving Student Millett Hybrid.


Calling out past organizers for another fun event.

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hey! youre back in toronto??? :O this is news to me. i thought you left LA and went like overseas or something.

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We've been having some meets outi n Guelph area and have tried some mini-meets in the Toronto area recently

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Yep, back in Toronto with only a small audio setup remaining (Dynahi + Grado HP2, HifiMan HM801 + JH13Pro).


Feel like I'm missing out on what's got to be going on here, it's a big city, should be lots of audiophiles that must congregate and listen to lots of music and gear.

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I know me and a friend of mine would both be very interested in a Toronto meet. Never been to one, but we'd love to try out some gear, show off some of our own and meet some toronto head-fiers

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Hey, if a meet does happen, I'd gladly bring over some orthodynamic headphones, and HD650 to share.

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I would love to attend a meet in Toronto, I have never been to one either, but I would like to try out some gear that may be of interest to me. Let me know when it would be happening.

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Well takes someone to step up to the plate ,host it and get the ball rolling.....anyone?

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looking forward to further news.

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Reporting in.


i'll ask some members near my place to come along.

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I'd be totally up for one. Went to the big one at the Toronto Referece Library a few years ago hosted by (I believe) GlendaleViper, but I think he's moved out of town now. Had a good time at that one nonetheless.

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I totally would like to do a meet, although I'll just be trying out expensive gears. I only have a Shure E2c and Head Direct RE0 to share. 

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I would totally be up for a Toronto meet !

Since I'm a newbie and all, I need the experience and would love to hear something different for once.


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Someone just needs to stand up and make a step towards actually scheduling the thing. If I had my own place I totally would... just sayin'...

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If a meet does happen, I'd also be very interested in attending. I just started out and only have an AD700, but I'd be willing to share that :)


Maybe we could use a hall at a community center or something like that? And I assume it costs money to get a hall, even at a public building like a community center or library?

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