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Nice review!  I'll come back in 4-5 months and see if they are just as wonderful.

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LOL abt the organs!!!

Thanks for all the nice words guys. I am out of town now for memorial day weekend - I will get to a few specific replies later guys :)

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Thanks for taking the time to review these, Rob. 


And, as usual, thanks for allowing the reader to see the pros and cons about these (from your perspective).

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Speaking of organs, I need to try some big pipe organ on the LCD2.  :)


I got a short listen to the LCD2.  The joy of living in Portland, ortho capital of the northwest.  The sound really is all you say.  I think I just found the sound that I've been looking for.  It's the first grand headphone that I've heard that has me thinking that a grand headphone is in my future.  That's saying a lot cause I try to live in budget-fi land.  The idea of having a $1000 headphone is not something I've prepared myself for.

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Skylab: great review. Perhaps is a good time I have delayed in buying those SR007's..... Sadly, I am unable to go to CanJam this year since my youngest's high school graduation is on the same weekend.

I am anxiously waiting more comparisons between Stax SR007 and LCD2.

Your review mentions excellent synergy with the Meier Concerto (680.00 USD), which when combined with the LCD2 price (949.99 USD) makes it indeed a "bargain" when compared with an SR007 (around 1500.00 USD used, 2100.00 new) plus a dedicated amp (although I have the eXStata for starters).

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Originally Posted by rhythmdevils View Post

is anyone in need of some high quality vital organs?

Is the "you know what" considered an organ? If so, how much are you asking?

Is it in mint condition and has it been kept in a pet free, non-smoking household?

Sadly, like the drivers for the R-10, I believe they are out of stock on replacement parts for mine,

and you never know when you might need a spare pair  .

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lol , I had a smarmy reply for RD, but immtbiker  takes the cake for this one. Very glad they played out this way for you Rob. I am of course one of those biased to like orthodynamic headphones but I try and be impartial to things that don't sit right. I have not spent much time with the T1 but from the little I did spend with them, I tend to agree with your impressions. I just haven't heard the HD800 sound magic for me yet. Man, it is going to be a long wait to get my own pair of LCD2 ..dB

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Nice review!  Thank you for doing it.  Let us know how you figure out a way to cover up the cheap foam headband, I will be DIY-ing this as well.  

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FWIR in the Audeze LCD-2 thread the foam is apparently extremely high quality and should last. 

Originally Posted by TigzStudio View Post

Nice review!  Thank you for doing it.  Let us know how you figure out a way to cover up the cheap foam headband, I will be DIY-ing this as well.  

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I need to check with the lads at Audez'e but I suspect that "cheap" foam is not so cheap at all   Thinking a smeggy styled double strap is one way to distribute the weight while retaining a clean look. 



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Nice review.


I was initially pretty excited about the T1, after a brief introduction at a local meet, then again at KB's for a little more controlled listening. But then he broke out the LCD-2. Immediately the T1's colorations and limitations were exposed. The LCD-2's imho are simply as neutral and transparent a window to the program as head-fi gets.


And while amps (always) matter, these seemed to do pretty darn respectable job running directly from an iPod. I'm curious to pit them against some higher-end iem's, with little or no external amplification.

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Once again, thanks for the review.  I've already been pushed over the line and am selling off gear to pay for a pair. The HE-5s were almost there for me, so if these are significantly better, then it's a no-brainer.  As well, compared to the T1s, there hasn't been a (relatively) bad thing said.  The T1s seem to get very mixed reviews, though it could be amping as well.  It's good that more details of the reasons for amp synergy are coming out in reviews, as these things will be important for people to make sure they don't waste their money. 

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Skylab usually has pretty much some of the better equipment to listen to these as well, but it is just one impression.  I can't wait to hear more impressions as people start to receive their pair from preorder.  Unfortunately not a whole ton of people really like writing such detailed reviews.

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Great review Rob. I value you elaboration on the amping issue. Could I please have your opinion on solid state amps, and if you still have the Phoenix, your take on the pairing.


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Excellent review!


I'm curious as to why you only compared ED8's bass with the LCD2, but not other aspects? Is it because the bass is the only thing on the ED8 that's in the same league as the LCD2, while T1 and HE-5 are closer in quality overall to the LCD2?


I'm getting very close to ordering a pair of LCD2, since it seems it's beating out pretty much all the best dynamic headphones currently available (while costing less too). Once I see some compelling comparisons with the Stax flagship models, I'll be making a decision to either get the LCD2 or a Stax system.

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