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Need something comfortable

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Hey everyone!


Once again I come back to head-fi for some advice on my next purchase :) This time I'm relying on your help to not only get something good, but that I can wear comfortably as well, since that's not easily found out just by looking at spec sheets!


I'm looking to get some comfortable, over-ear, circumaural headphones. Let me summarize my requirements below for easier reading:


Driver Type: Open or closed, no preference (sound quality matters more to me than whether it leaks or not)

Design Type: Circumaural

Comfort: Very important. I own a pair of M-Audio Q40 and as nice as they sound, I find them uncomfortable as they hurt my ears after a while. I have big ears :P

Budget: $300. If there's something a lot better just above this range, I may still consider it, though :)

Equipment: No amp, no fancy gear. Will mostly be plugging into laptop / portable player and trying to get the best sound out of that; that's what I'm working with.

Listening habits: Somewhat eclectic. Mostly rock and electronic, but also some piano solos and jazzy tunes.

Sound preference: I like natural-sounding, versatile headphones that cover the whole range well. That said, I would be more inclined to buy a pair with slightly exaggerated bass than a pair with flat, boring bass, as my main reason for getting full-sized headphones over in-ear phones is to cover the lower range well.


Thanks in advance for your suggestions! :)

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Premium DT880 32ohms. If you find anything more comfy than the Premium Beyers, I'd LOVE to hear it.


The DT880 is well balanced, and does everything well. I had the 32 ohm and loved everything about them, but I gave them up because I'm interested in the K701s for gaming purposes. Otherwise, the DT880s were pretty much perfect for me. They were easy to drive at 32ohms. They should be in the range of $250-290.


Perhaps the Denon D2000 would also fit your needs, as I hear they are extremely comfy.

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Consider AKG K601

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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

Premium DT880 32ohms.

i've never found a set of cans more comfortable. 

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The AD900 :)

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Originally Posted by Mr Joboto View Post

The AD900 :)

Assuming he has a HUUUUGE head, or doesn't mind them slipping and sliding all over the place.


I freaking HATE the 3D wings...pre or post rubberband mod. 

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Haha, my head is pretty normal-sized, it's just my ears that are big :)


Thanks guys, after reading some reviews I decided to go ahead with the DT880s... 600ohm! Yes, I took the plunge and bought the better ones, and this means I'll have to buy an amp... Oh well, time to head to the amp forums!


Thanks again! :)

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you just bought yourself a killer set of cans.


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I'm jealous. Though I think the amp will totally make you go over your limit. O_O

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Ow, have fun getting an amp for those things.

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Why'd you get the 600Ω version? Arent you on a tight budget, and dont have an amp??

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You're gonna need an amp that costs more than the headphones themselves, lol

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Originally Posted by Mr Joboto View Post

You're gonna need an amp that costs more than the headphones themselves, lol

Only if he wants to drive them properly

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I figure I can start off with a cheaper amp and work my way up once I get the opportunity to. I was going to need a DAC anyway, because the one built into my laptop is incredibly noisy... Given that and the fact that there was really no difference in price between the 25 and 600 ohm models, I decided to go for the 600s + cheap DAC/amp and reserve the chance to upgrade later, hope that wasn't too dumb :-/


So yes, I'll probably end up going a bit over my budget now and a lot over my budget later, heh...

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